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Re: Is the Twilight Series worth beginning?

THe Twilight series is so worth begggining. WHen you open the first book it is like a vampire is watching you the whole time because if you stop reading it will kill you.

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Re: Is the Twilight Series worth beginning?

It all depends on your tastes.  I personally enjoy YA novels as well as fantasy novels so this was right up my alley.  If you don't enjoy that kind of perspective then you likely won't enjoy it.  I read all 4 books in 5 days.  I couldn't stop myself.  I was possessed.  I haven't been like that with a series since.

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Re: Is the Twilight Series worth beginning?

In my opinion they are definitely worth beginning.  Sure there are better vampire/supernatural romance books to read out there, but all of them are very quick reads.  There are several "lag" points in the 2nd and 3rd book, but overall they are very good.  With as much hype as they have right now I have to admit they are worth reading if for no other reason than to be able to discuss likes/dislikes with others.  They are books that many people have written so it is safe to say that you will have adequate opportunity to rave/gripe about the characters, plot, or whatnot.


If you are still unsure about the investment, read the first one (borrow it or get it from the library) and go from there.  Better to give it a whirl and not like it than to read it way after the fact and wish you had jumped in head first!



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Re: Is the Twilight Series worth beginning?

I really like the series, which was surprising because I usually don't get into books that are so emotionally expressive.  Like others, I didn't enjoy the second book because I was just waiting for her to get on with it, but I thought it was a refreshing break from the normal books I enjoy.  I definitely devoured the books, I don't think it took me more than a week to read all of them.  I also enjoyed the Host, but I think I still preferred the Twilight series to it.

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Re: Is the Twilight Series worth beginning?

I will wade into this carefully to avoid offending those who do (& have the right to) like this series. To each their own & all that...


Long story short, except to understand the cultural phenomenon, Twilight has nothing to recommend it, in my opinion. (I can't judge the series as, once I struggled through Twilight, I couldn't even think about reading further.)


If you want more details—I picked it up while working in a bookstore at the recommendation of some co-workers and just to see what the hype was about. As preface to what follows, keep in mind I have no natural problems with the major factors of what Twilight is: a supernatural vampire romance written for young adults.


The book, again in my opinion, is just horribly written and copy edited to start. There are basic problems with clunky grammar, syntax, and florid prose, even by the standards of what it is.


Also, for me, years of vampire books, films, and TV had set the expectations of what rates as "good" pretty high, and I expected this hot new thing to be good. Expecially given its mix of teens and vampires, I felt it had the looming spector of Whedon's Buffy to contend with. Twilight doesn't even come close.


HP, Earthsea, and the early Goodkind are some of the other books you mention. Twilight isn't even in the same sport, let alone the same league, as far as I'm concerned.


If you're looking for good successors to those, I'd suggest Jim Butcher, Robin Hobb, Neil Gaiman, Orson Scott Card, Steven Brust, and a host of others.


If you're particularly in a vampire mood (and have done the classic Dracula already) I'd suggest the early Anne Rice Lestat books, the Anita Blake series, some of Christopher Golden's books, or Kim Newman's Anno Dracula.


To put the final nail in the coffin (so to speak) of Twilight, my teenage daughter—who should be smack in the demographic for it—absolutely hates this book. This is outside my influence, as she lives with her mother and read it before I even asked her about it.


This girl devours SF/F like it's chocolate, read Twilight, and won't touch the rest of the saga with a 10-ft pole. I don't think even bribing her with a nook would get her to do it. (Not that I'd force it on her, obviously. But the nooks are getting cheap enough that she may have a happy Christmas.)


So, look elsewhere. Even by the standards of trashy, YA supernatural romance this is a waste of time. Team Jacob? Team Edward? How about Team No Thank You. :smileyvery-happy:


(But for those out there who do enjoy it, fine. I'll fall back on the "at least they're reading" mantra.)

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Re: Is the Twilight Series worth beginning?

[ Edited ]

First let me say that I refused to read the books because of all the drama around them. That said my boyfriend made me sit down and watch Twilight, after I finished the movie I was kinda able to "get" Bella  and her relationship with her father and others in general (I feel/felt like that a lot). But I really felt I was missing a lot (Kristen Stewart need I say more) so I grabbed the set when the first 2 books were under $5 on the Nook. Anyway I read all 4 books twice in less then a week. While not on my all time must have 5 authors I did enjoy the read it was fun and easy, I admit I will probably read them again. Unlike others I enjoyed "Eclipse" the most and found "Breaking Dawn" rushed and left me going "huh".


After reading Stephanie's website and getting her insight into the decisions that she made with the last book I understand it better. Also while there I stumbled across "Midnight Sun" and yes i'm  totally pissed at the way that it just stopped like that. I would love to be able to read chapter for chapter between "Twilight" and "Midnight Sun".  


Like others have said give the first one a try if you like it you'll want the rest if not you can at least say you tried, after all I was defiantly a team "who cares, you have to be kidding me". Now I have to claim I'm team Edward all the way...... *sigh* i don't know what happened to me :smileysad:

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Re: Is the Twilight Series worth beginning?

[ Edited ]

I personally don't think they are worth reading, unless you like to debate about literature, fiction, authors, good writing skills, etc. The series was personally the most disappointing I have ever read. The writing style is very simple, with a few large words awkwardly thrown in the text, to appear intelligent (even though the words don't even fit what they are describing>.> aka the wrong words). The characters are very mary sue, and the entire series is written as a purple pros. The only reason why I personally read through the entire series was to find out if Bella was going to be bitten or not, or if she'd come to her senses and end up with Jacob, though of course complications with that were given by the author just to make her fantasy come true. A lot of things are rushed the book, that shouldn't be, while others are prolonged and repeated to the point of me wanting to rip the book apart (which I've never wanted to do in my life). I have found when this book is the favorite of so many peoples and I ask them why they give me answers that have no substance, and/or when I ask why it's their favorite out of all the other books in the world... They said it's the only one they've read for pleasure, the only one out of very few. I find the series to be lacking plot, plot progression, character development, and diction (as mentioned before the repeated conversations). I am glad I read the series so I can profess how they are mediocre at best ^.^ 



To comment on the whole "it's given fantasy a fresh spin" or whatever others have said. Yes, it has. But poorly. These fantasy creatures were given every connivence for them not to be killed. What weaknesses do they have? The whole sparkle thing totally threw me. The more I think of it... The more I wonder why the vampires would need to hide from "humanity" in the first place? I mean... I wouldn't be scared of a sparkly person... I would think they ran to the dollar store and scattered sparkles all over themselves, or used glitter lotion or something... I see people like that all the time<.< 


I do like the whole werewolf thing though, granted it's pretty close to just about any other werewolf story, legend, history etc. that I've read or researched, heard about etc. The werewolves in my opinion are the best characters. They have the most dimension, they also have a purpose and drive, while the vamps don't. They're just kinda... hanging out in forks.


The ending seemed like an escape to me. No one died (as if the author was afraid to write anything that would or could offend/sadden her readers), the ending didn't really have a conclusion as well. Except telling everyone who's right about their shipping pairs.

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Re: Is the Twilight Series worth beginning?

In my opinion it's worth it.  My friend told me I should read the series a year and a half ago.  I was working on my Masters degree so I didn't have the time to read the books.  I bought the whole series so when I had the time I would read them.  I graduated, I decided to pick up twilight and start since I had some free time.  Well, two weeks later I was done with the whole series.  I couldn't start reading them.  I have since read the books twice, I would recommend the series highly. That's just my opinion. :smileyhappy: 

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Re: Is the Twilight Series worth beginning?

Yes, read it for the fun of it.  To escape the day to day grind.  It is no classic literature or anything like that.  It is reading for the fun of escape.  It is just for fun!

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Re: Is the Twilight Series worth beginning?

I've read the Twilight Saga and did enjoy them. I think that because of all the attention the books and the movies are getting, people tend to be over critical. I decided to read the books because the summary sounded interesting. It's really up to what your preferences are not necessarily what others preferences are.

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Re: Is the Twilight Series worth beginning?

I read the first two and three quarters of Eclipse before realizing I just didn't like the characters or the story. I guess I had hope it was going somewhere, but it's really just mediocre. The main characters have an arbitrary love and it is too bland and boring to carry a whole series. If this had been one book maybe it would have worked. The writing is pretty bad, though. 

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Re: Is the Twilight Series worth beginning?

I personally didn't like the series.  My friend got me to read them because she was in love with them.  I figured that because everyone thought they were amazing, then they might be.  Maybe I just had high expectations but the people who like them should probably read more.  I thought that sparkly vampires should be renamed into sparkly fairys but that was just my opinion.  I would be embarrassed if I was a sparkly man, I mean come on!  Anyway that is my opinion.  Read the first and then you can have your own opinion.  :smileyhappy:

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Re: Is the Twilight Series worth beginning?

I will always prefer my vampires to be evil, bloodthirsty monsters that need to killed, not angst-ridden vampires. :smileyvery-happy: