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New authors and Recommended Books

This thread has worked well In Paranormal that I thought that I would start one here for those that want to recommend a book or author.  Here are a few that I would recommend:Emissaries from the Dead  Third Claw of God  Cyteen (Cyteen Series)  Regenesis (Cyteen Series)  
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Re: New authors and Recommended Books


I love C.J. Cherryh! She was – and is – a true pioneer in SF and fantasy. Isn't it interesting that she used the pseudonym C.J. Cherryh instead of her real name (Carolyn Janice Cherry) because her publisher wanted her name to sound "masculine?" Wow – have times changed (thank God!)...


I agree with all of your picks, Toni but I would add her (classic) Faded Sun trilogy

Faded Sun Trilogy Omnibus 













as well as her Foreigner series, which I think is one of the very best sagas to deal with alien/human relationships. She explores the complexities of interspecies co-habitation with a meticulous, almost sociological, intensity and these novels are to be absolutely savored.


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Re: New authors and Recommended Books

GRACELING by kristin cashore. Graceling