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Re: SF/Fantasy New Year's Resolutions!

Bradinator1 wrote:

- Get on my running and hiking again (my arthritic knee permitting)

- Cook more meals at home AND eat them at the dinner table...not in front of the TV!

- Keep up with Battlestar Galactica. Love the show, have a hard time watching any show every week

- Pray every day for Peter Forsberg to get healthy and come back to my beloved Colorado Avalanche (Hey! this is the Fanatsy thread, I can dream can't I?!).

- Get a little more active in an animal rescue organization.



Had to go back and find this.

-Running and hiking are not happening at the moment, the weather is not permitting it, neither is my knee really. I am working on strengthening the knee...I'm getting there

-I'm all over Galactica, haven't missed an episode

-In my house I am typically I'm the "miscreant" but I've had to get on my wife for laying junk on the table so we can eat there. It's working though.

-Had to give up on Forsberg making a comeback *sigh* Just wanted to see him shoulder check Kris Draper to the ice whist making some ridiculous backhanded pass to Joe Sakic one more time. 

- Family crisis', work, and personal matters are killing me for getting into animal rescue orgs. Not giving up yet. There'll be time.



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