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Re: The Best Epic Fantasy Novels and Series of All Time

Dear Readers, I've read this entire list of pages of replies to this topic thus far.


For the most part, I almost fully endorse and promote nearly every book and series mentioned. I've read most of the books mentioned here with a few exceptions. For one, I tried reading Twilight twice, and just couldn't make it through the first book. Also, not a big fan of Robert Jordan and his Wheel of Time series, I like the idea of it, just not the implementation of it. As for the rest of the list.... 5 Gold Stars.


There were a few things that I did not see on the list, like the author I cut my teeth on.... Jack L. Chalker. I started with his River of Dancing Gods Series. I'm glad it was the first fantasy series I read, I haven't seen many like it. There's also alot of humor in the books, some hidden, most however is not.The Magic in the Dancing Gods series is also unlike most systems I've seen in books. My second series was his Changewinds trilogy. Both series by him are fun to read, and nearly impossible to put down. Also worth reading is Alan F. Troop's Dragon SeriesAngus Well's God Wars Trilogy was pretty hard to put down. My first stand-alone novel was The Neverending Story by Micheal Ende, and it was truly remarkable and full of wonder.


After having said all that, I have to give nods in no certain order to Roger ZelaznyDavid Eddings (& wife), Gregory MaguireTerry GoodkindPhillip PullmanLaurell K. HamiltonCharlaine HarrisJim ButcherGarth NixDarren ShanH.P. LovecraftNeil GaimanRick RiordanCormac McCarthyStephen KingGeorge R.R. Martin, & the Master Wordsmith.... J.R.R. Tolkien.

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Re: The Best Epic Fantasy Novels and Series of All Time

I squeed like a little girl seeing the lists of all those fabulous books/!authors. Ive read just about everything listed and loved them all ! I think Id had Kevin Hearne ,Iron Druid series, maybe not quite classic or epic(6 books so far I think), but fast becoming one of my favs!  So nice to see Im not alone in my fantasy obsession! None of my friends care for the genre, silly people.

Would like nook friends,also on goodreads
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Re: The Best Epic Fantasy Novels and Series of All Time

Malazan Book of the Fallen 10 book series by Steven Erickson-Best fantasy series I have read so far. The author is an archeologist and an anthropologist so his world building skills are amazing. And, best of all, the series is finished! No waiting! It has a cast of hundreds, an epic scope spanning millenia, and amazingly powerful gods that are just as flawed and interesting as the mortals they interact with.  The first book, Gardens of the Moon is a little shakey, authors first effort and all, but it is well worth it and it only gets better with every book you read. One of those series after you read it you can't help comparing it to everything else you read in the future.


Blade Itself by Joe Abercrombie-Gore. An Anti-Gandalf character. Gore. A gallant knight turned broken torturer. Gore. A beserker with a heart of gold. Gore. Did I mention the gore? Also has amazing battle scenes.


Mistborn series- Brandon Sanderson. A great world builder, Sanderson in this and his Way of Kings series turns ordinary magic systems on their heads and crafts a wonderous tale of mist, magic and great characters, both good and evil.


Name of the Wind-Patrick Rothfuss--A tale about how the mythic legends of old, don't stand up to the reality of what really happened. Oh and it's a about a savant kid named Kvothe (try pronouncing that!) who will one day be a great wizard/warrior/troupador/thief/bartender etc and how he will find the demons that killed his parents. Also pranks, romance, and wonderful writing. Oh and the dragons in this series eat wood.


Death Gate Cycle-Margaret Weis

Dragonlance Chronicles/Legends-Margaret Weis

Legend of Drizzt-R.A.Salvatore

Blindsight-Peter Watts

Ilium-Dan Simmons

Halo: Fall of Reach-Eric Nylund

1Q84-Haraku Marikami

Night's Dawn Trilogy-Peter Hamilton




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Re: The Best Epic Fantasy Novels and Series of All Time

Without a doubt #1-Stephen King's Dark Tower Series. #2 Hugh Howey's Wool series. 

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Re: The Best Epic Fantasy Novels and Series of All Time

Ran across this trying to find something new to read and thought I'd throw a few suggestions out there.


Michael Stackpole was mentioned.  However his best book was Talion:Revenant.  One-shot great read. 


Mr. Stackpole is also the recepient of the "I'd've kicked his ass" award for The Dark Glory War.  Read the book and when you get to the end I'm sure some of you will join me there.  In his defense I didn't realize it was a prequel at the time.


Barbara Hambly's Darwath Trilogy and Windrose Chronicles were good.


Lord Demon by Zelazny and finished by Jane Lindskold.  I recently discovered the short stories about Corwin that were the prelude to another cycle in the Amber series.  Damn near cried when I did. 


Note:  If you're a fan of the Amber Chronicles don't read.....hell don't even look at the the so-called "prequels".   If you want to see someone who wrote in Zelazny's style as an homage pick up Call Me Titan by Robert Silverberg.  Asimov's Magazine Feb, 1997.


And yes it bends genres but I say thankee sai King for The Dark Tower.


For hilarity in fantasy Mary K. Gentle's Grunts is fantastic.  Robert Asprin's Myth series isn't bad either.


My .02 for now.  Thanks for sharing for so long folks