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Re: The Hobbit Movie is Just Three Months Away!!!! (12/14/12)

I saw it again this weekend in the discount theater and really enjoyed it (again).  One of the things that sort of bothered me before was the way the movie teetered on the edge of farcical comedy but I remembered that Tolkien originally wrote The Hobbit as a children's story and indeed had a much different mood and vein in it that TLOTR.  I can rationalize some of the discrepancies in this retelling as Bilbo's smoothing out the tale for Frodo (indeed, IIRC Tolkien smoothed out some discrepancies between editions and attributed changes to Bilbo's hiding some parts of the tale).


I liked the way Jackson retained the order of the Dwarves appearing at Bilbo's door although he lost some of the dialog.  I wasn't as enthralled with the replacement dialog.  What really bugged me were the costumes and hairstyling.  Balin, Gloin and maybe Dwalin were the only ones that struck me as dwarvish and NONE of them had the colored cloaks described by Tolkien (nor did Fili & Kili sport yellow hair).


These are Dwarves of the Longbeard clan and yet Thorin and Fili barely had beards while Kili sported stubble and Bofur and Bombur had moustaches but no actual beards!  Bofur reminded me of something out of Time Bandits, not The Hobbit.


Still and all, great movie and I enjoyed how Jackson interspliced some of the other background material from the appendices of The Lord of the Rings.

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