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Borderlands 2 DLC Captain Scarlett Review

Borderlands 2 DLC Captain Scarlett’s Pirate Booty review

By now you all know how much I love Borderlands 2. I normally stay away from discussing DLC cause I know not everyone gets DLC but, Borderlands and Borderlands 2 add story chapters to their game so that’s what I am going to review is the story.

First you hear from Marcus who is the usual narrator in the game tell the introduction about a legendary treasure. You meet a little guy named Shade soon after and, then you gather parts for a new vehicle in Borderlands 2. This vehicle is only available in Pirate worlds and will not be available anyone else. Which kind of upsets me cause it’s a cool vehicle. It’s a hovercraft in pirate ship theme.

Soon after getting your hovercraft you meet Captain Scarlett who wants to find the treasure too but it is needed to get four pieces of a compass that will lead you to the treasure location. Instead of doing it herself she employs you of course to gather these pieces. The next few missions sends you all over the pirate lands looking for the compass pieces. In many cases just as you think you got the piece the story throws a monkey wrench in like one piece was stolen by Hyperion Robots so you must steal it back from them, another you end up accidentally destroying it when the chest it was in locked and you try to shoot off the lock. So you have to go to a part factory that’s full of more Hyperion Robots which are very powerful to gather the parts and then have to return the parts to a guy who can rebuild the piece.

Then you get the pieces and you have to take them to a lighthouse which attaching the compass to the lighthouse it will light the path to the treasure. No surprise since they are pirates after you find the location Scarlett and her crew betray you and try to kill you but, there’s a bigger problem you are swallowed by a huge monster and you must defeat the monster to get out.

This story was fantastic to me, and if you go for the DLC and beat it you get a pirate theme face for your character and, there are plenty of great guns to be found in this area.

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