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Favorite Characters

Shadowcat’s Favorite characters.


I wanted to take a moment to list my favorite characters from different genres which I will place in their own genres. Now before I begin I do want to point out this isn’t like a top ten list where I saying this one is best and second and so forth, this is just listing them as they come to my mind and, I ready to start with Fiction Literature


Gandalf- Lord of the Rings series

What’s not to like about the grey wander? He travels around in a majestic world of wonders and, he provides wisdom to young heroes along the way. He has some incredible magical powers as well. He kind of reminds me of the next character too….


Albus Dumbledore-Harry Potter series

As you will tell early on in this list I like the elder mentor characters. In this time there are so many that are disrespectful to their elders which is sad, there can be much to learn from them if you are willing to listen.


Katniss--Hunger Games series
To risk your life in a tournament that’s rigged to set you up for failure and you know it and you still go and win anyways that’s amazing. To enter a tournament that you could die in because your sister was picked instead that’s a true heroine in my mind.


Ronald Wesley--Harry Potter series

Everyone needs a Ron in their life if you ask me. A friend that won’t betray you or leave you hanging when you need help.

It’s not just heroes I like though there’s some baddies too


Professor Snipe-Harry Potter series
Yes I know he turned a leaf at the end which is partly why I like him too though. It shows you that a person doesn’t have to be evil forever in a story you can redeem yourself.


Graphic Novel/Comic books villains


The Joker-DC Comics

To me Mark Hamill doing the voice over of Joker in Batman Animated Series and the Batman Arkham game series is an iconic character. I still can quote the first appearance of the character on the animated series. “It’s wonderful life won’t be shown tonight, instead…Joker here evening Gotham and Batman please allow me to welcome you to first annual Christmas with the Joker” and then that crazy laugh that is killer.



I feel for this guy. He lived through the holocaust and, he sees that his race of mutants are being treated like the Jews by the Nazis and, he decides to take a stand. Now I don’t agree with his methods but, I understand his motive.


Mr. Freeze-DC Comics

Another villain who is misunderstood really, he’s not evil, he wants to save his wife’s life who suffering from a disease that there is no cure to and, he suffers from a condition that makes him cold blooded and can’t live in the real world without the super suit that he wears that regulates his body temperate so it reminds below zero.


Graphic Novels Heroes

Batman-DC Comics

Now for me, Batman will always either be the version from the animated series in the 90’s or the Grant Morrison era of Batman comics/graphic novels. Like Mark Hamill did for the Joker the voice actor Kevin Conroy captures the elements of Batman the best to me. Now I know this is completely opinion cause I was just discussing this with a friend of mine last week and he says the same thing but towards Tim Burton’s Batman movies and I know another friend that swears up and down that Adam West is the only true Batman in their opinion but, that’s part of why he’s so great there’s so much legacy for people to choose from.



If I have to explain why I like Wolverine you need to watch X-Men Wolverine orgins then because it’s pretty easy to understand this one.


Professor Xavier--Marvel

As I mentioned earlier in the fiction area that I like the mentor character. To me Xavier is that wonderful father figure that everyone needs in his life. Then add the fact he’s disabled though warrants respect and admiration by many who can do amazing things that says a lot for how the x-men hold him in their hearts.

I could go on and on in this section but I have other sections so I’ll end with just those.



Clark Kent-Smallville

Yes I know technically I could had put him in the comic section but, honestly I don’t like traditional Superman but, I love this version of him. I find Smallville’s Clark more human and, I found him easier to relate with then the other versions of Clark Kent that I have seen with one exception, I did like Dean Cain’s version in Lois and Clark as well.


Sam Beckett--Quantum Leap

To travel through time has always been something I have dreamed of but, I never dreamed it quite like Sam’s way where he leaps into the life of someone else altogether. I liked how the series especially early on showed issues through the leaps like episodes where Sam was black and, was mistreated by bigots. Others where he was a female and he faced sexist pigs. Though also that he and Al helped people through their leaps. Like example, how there was one episode where someone was going to commit suicude but, Sam through his leaped life convinced them not to and, apparently according to Al that person went on to have a good life.


Jonathan Archer-Enterprise

I knew I couldn’t do this list without Star Trek. I loved this series people seemed not to like it because it was a prequel which I think was a mistake by the creators to tell people that. If they just told them it’s another Star Trek people wouldn’t lost their minds but, you say it’s before Jim Kirk and, they were like you changing history! Which is funny how people react to a fictional history sometimes more passionate then they do for real world history. I loved Archer and his crew. I found his laid back style in the beginning funny and as the series went on he toughen up and became the starship warrior as he fought the Xindi in season three.


Jean Luc Picard--Star Trek the Next Gen. was the series that introduced me to the series. I’m not old enough for the orginal sorry though I have seen many episodes of it too but, back to being on track. Picard like Archer is not the military warrior you expect. He’s an adventurer that dreams about what is possible and, he loves his crew like family which I can say the same for Archer of course.


Oliver Queen-Arrrow

By the way before I continue I just bought for my nook graphic novels based off this show and I will be reviewing at some point. I like the darker look to Oliver in this series. I think the Hood as they are calling his alter ego on the show is a borderline villain. Walking that narrow line of good and evil I think he will along the way lean more to the good side then the bad side like example last episode he met Huntress a heroine that leans more to bad side then the good and, I think as he and she continue he will delevop more into a hero and might even have to fight her but all of these things are guesses on my part.


I am going to do Video Games in a separate post and I might even do that one in series because I can do one on the Tales of Series by itself easy and one for Final Fantasy by itself easily as well.


Love you hear some ofyours as well.  


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Re: Favorite Characters

Thanks Stephanie, great bios for each too!