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Lionel Shriver

I recently read a book by Lionel Shriver called We Need To Talk About Kevin. The story was so compelling I could not put it down for 3 days until I had finished it. What impressed me most was the quality of writing, I have never read anything written so eloquent. It is one of my all time favorites, I recommend it to anyone who enjoys reading fiction that mirrors real life. I was wondering if anyone has read her most recent novel Double Fault? If so did you enjoy it?
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Re: Lionel Shriver

Hi Lissa,

I read We Need...a couple of years ago. In fact Lionel was, in fact, an author-led host at that time. She was a delight. My son was young at the time and I became totally absorbed in Kevin's behavior so much so that I would monitor my child for any Kevin tendency's. None found I'm happy to report. But yes, this is a book that definately stays with you for a long time.
I'm so glad I stumbled upon your post because I did not know that she had a new book available. Double Fault. I will look into it.

Happy reading and hope you get lots of books from Santa.


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Re: Lionel Shriver

My favorite book of 2006 is Breating Paris by Erin Headley. Other than the Bible, it is my favorite book period. It's well worth the time.