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May's Line up


May’s Line up at The Reading Frenzy mixes some BIG news, some great interviews some reviews and a feel good Harlequin awards program

Did you know that May was named for the Greek Goddess Maia?

May lore says you should never buy a broom or wash a blanket.


Check out today's blog post for some really BIG NEWS


Now here’s my interview line up for May:

I don’t have a set date yet but–another drum roll please–near the first of the month I’ve got an interview with #1 NY Times bestselling and world renowned author, plus a personal favorite Mr. Michael Connelly who’s latest Harry Bosch novel The Black Box was just released in Trade Paperback. How cool is that

May 1st Marivi Soliven talks about her debut novel The Mango Bride

May 5th Happy Cinco De Mayo

May 7th L Alison Heller talks about her chic-lit-esque and has been compared to The Devil Wears Prada new novel The Love Wars

May 8th Matt Coyle talks about his debut mystery Yesterday’s Echo & giveaway

May 9th  Nancy Vu -blogger extraordinaire chats with us about The Little Things her book inspired by her runaway blog

May 14th Madeline Robins talks about her historical romance Sold For Endless Rue

May 15th Lian Dolan blogger and media maven talks about her new release Elizabeth The First Wife

May 20th I’m featuring the Harlequin More Than Words Award- their annual celebration of notable/charitable women who’re honored not only monetarily but also by having their stories published in Harlequin Novellas. We’ll chat with a former author of one of these very inspirational novellas, Sheila Roberts

May 28th Beth Albright in all her Southern Belle wonder talks about her new novel
The Sassy Belles

May 30th Linda Lael Miller the Queen of Western Romance-chats with us about her latest Parable Montana release Big Sky Summer

Plus there’s always tag-a-longs, last minute additions and interviews that just can’t wait like these two that will be added sometime in May.

Julie Compton’s last novel Rescuing Olivia was a previous B&N featured read and she’s written a true sequel to her first novel Tell No Lies titled Keep No Secrets. She tells us why her first novel needed a sequel and all about self publishing.

Then I’m pleased to have from across the Pond Katie Fforde who’s latest novel A Perfect Proposal just released on this side of the pond.


Right now I’m reading Lover At Last by J.R. Ward I’m hoping to add an interview with her into my May madness too.

Don’t forget to enjoy the month, plant something, read something, remember to live every moment to it’s fullest!