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Year end review and rewards

Shadowcat’s year end review and awards

This is something I used to do on a bog but I long since closed that blog down, never fear my friends I am not talking about my story archive blog It’s still up and I plan to start a new story in 2013 called the Rise of Gaige.

Anyways this year has been a long one with a lot of stuff happening. It started with hearing from my advisor and professor told me there was a way to shave off a year to graduate a year early. By working as an intern part time at a local advertisings agency I received credits that equal a few classes being completed.

I have discussed my sister’s ordeal many times recently and I rather not go through the negative feelings anymore. I will say I am very proud of how far she’s gone this year. Yes there was pitfalls but, that’s a part of growing as an individual. We are not measured by failures or successes in life but, how we handle trails in our life. Some people let them defeat them, and others pick themselves up, rather by themselves or with loved ones makes no difference, the desire to keep on going when it gets tough is more important then being the most successful, most famous, most popular and etc…

Now to my reward section I want to point out the next part is purely my opinions that I’m sharing.

Best video games

I am dividing this from consoles because it’s not fair to compare games from different systems to me.

Nintendo 3DS

Kid Icarus uprising

The funny dialogue, the light heartened characters and the fast paced fun gameplay this game saved the 3DS for me. I was considering getting rid of this system that had not impressed me much after buying it a year ago. Kid Icarus’ main hero Pit and the goddess of light Palantina take you on a wild adventure against other Greek gods and greek mythologies, The game divided into two sections. Flying parts are a shooter which you move Pit around and shoot enemies. The ground sections you run around and attack enemies.

Sony PS Vita

Persona 4 Golden

The best game I’ve played on Vita so far grant I want to point out that I only have had the Vita a few months. I recently reviewed the anime which is just like this game so I won’t go into too much.

Disgaea 3

First game I played on Vita and I love it. It’s a turn based strategy role playing game. The characters are young demons going to school. Your class are your members of your team which is similar to Persona 4 as well which the heroes are all classmates too. One thing about this game though who you sit next you form friendship bonds with. When in battle if one of your bonds are standing next to you, the two or even three of you will link together and do a super power combo move.

Sony PS3

Borderlands 2

Hands down the best game I played this year. Tons of gameplay, tons of replay value, each character has an unique power which makes each character you play as a fun experience. There also a lot of DLC including an expansion that just came out.

Transformers Fall of Cybertron

The story isn’t worth playing but the team death match in multiplayer keeps you coming back for more over and over. My only thing I will warn you about is this game doesn’t have a mute player option which is usually fine but occasional there is the typical jerk who can’t say a sentence without a four letter word usually the F one which is the worse word in the English language. My suggestion when this happens mute TV and listen to music which is a next segue because I am discussing my favorite songs next.

The Humbling River by Pusifier

This song really speaks to me, it’s about a guy who conjured all of his challenges but now he faces a new one. It’s a river that he can’t cross and he can’t ever cross it as long as he has his pride of all of his successes. He finally crosses the river when he reaches for help and together we cross the river as a group. A reminder that you don’t have to do everything on your own, put your faith in your friends and family to be there for you when you need them and don’t be too prideful to admit hey I need help with this one.

Short Change Hero by the Heavy

I really don’t have something profound to say about this one, I just like the song.

Last but not least

Ours by Taylor Swift

I got married earlier this year to a black man. A wonderful gentleman who has been a close friend for a long time and makes me very happy in my life. It’s sad though that in 2012 there are still idiots and bigots out there that have a problem with a white girl and black man being together. Ours is kind of about that, Taylor singing to a boyfriend that others disapprove of but she still loves him and they can’t take away what is “Ours”

I wasn’t expecting this to be so long but, its been such an interesting year and I enjoy sharing these kind of posts with my friends here too. I hope my long rants become helpful to some of you and that you enjoy them.


Hunger Games Trilogy

I love this series. I could go on all day about this series, I love Katniss, I love all the deep politics between all the groups watching the games. I love the action as well.

Gallagher Girls series

I love Cammie Morgan and her friends. They are average schoolgirls but, they have a not so average life. They are secretly going to a spy school but, what I like about them they are still just like other girls who go through the same things all teenage girls do. Such as cute boys but, being nervous about how to handle it. I was there in high school. I used to have a crush on a boy on the soccer team. Yes not the football team, those jocks were all creeps and jerks well at least at my school they were. Well back on track I spent weeks trying to express my feelings to him and never could and, then one day I just let it out. To make a long story short he felt the same way and now we are married years later after dating for a few years.

Yes this year has been long and interesting, and I am looking forward to what’s the come the year next. I hope you enjoyed my post. I wish everyone a great year, a great holidays next month and many great years to come.



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Re: Year end review and rewards


thank you for sharing your personal triumphs and trials.

Let me tell you that if you're the youth of the future I have no problem leaving things to you to solve, you will do a much better job than we have.

I saw your wedding pictures and I'm glad you're happy. Love knows no color, no religion and no boundaries that's the way it should be. As long as you are good to and for each other the rest will sort itself out. Yes the world is full of bullies, bigots and other such idiots but the world is changing, people are more accepting, more open. Those who aren't are in the minority.

I was just worried about your relationship because you haven't mentioned anything about your marriage and your man. I'm happy for you as I said on FB. And he'd better be good to you or he'll have aunt Deb to contend with :smileyhappy:


I know that 2013 will be great for you, I'm so happy that you've found an early degree program.

May you and yours know only happiness and fortune in the coming year.