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Re: Dave

KxBurns wrote:


You know, I had the same thought about Dave at the end of the book -- oh, he's still a loner, that must mean he hasn't changed/grown up.  But then I realized I was applying a double standard to Dave by judging his emotional development by whether or not he was in a relationship. I would not have done the same to one of the female characters; in fact, I probably would have praised the independence of any of the female characters had they remained single.


This is not to say I necessarily think that Dave has matured. I'm not sure. But Dave's inclusion in the narrative and my thoughts and feelings about him often challenged me to examine my own gender prejudices and stereotypes, which I thought was thought-provoking.


Thats very interesting, I didn't even think about it from that view. And were it someone like Tal, I wouldn't judge his emotional development based on that.. It's just knowing all that we do about Dave, the way he treats women, his self centered tendencies... that is what makes me think he is still that way because he is alone..  it leaves me to the question I have asked myself so so many times in life, "do people really change?".  Even so though, if it were one of the women who chose to be single, like you, I would have applauded their independence..



One thing I also tried to look for was noted communication between him and Curtis, since they are both at the funeral service.  She never mentions it, but I guess thats not to say it didn't happen.