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Re: Before I Fall, Last Chapter and Whole Novel

What, if anything surprises you about Sam's last chapter, and last February 12th? Is this the ending you would have given the novel? Does it upset you or do you find it in any way a satisfying--if not happy--ending?


The whole ending pretty much suprised me. I was just not expecting it to end like that at all, but I liked the ending. In my opinion, this was a good ending for the novel because she was given the chance to relive her last day and make it better, and on the last February 12th when she finally made it right all the February 12ths stopped happening. They stopped happening because it ended how it was supposed to that last day, she saved Juliet. It was satisfying, but I found it a little confusing. At first I wasn't sure if the first day counted or if the last day counted, but now I know it was the last day that mattered. This  book was really good, and the book club was fun. I wish that book didn't have to end, it was really good.

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Re: Before I Fall, Last Chapter and Whole Novel

Though I was not really surprised by the events of the final chapter, other than the fact that with Sam's growth through each chapter, I hoped that she would be able to redeem herself enough to save her own life.  That said, she accepted her fate for what it was, lived her last day to it's fullest in the best way & tried to leave the people she loved with the memories of how much she cared about them.  The book itself drew me in, wanting to read all of it at once, but it was the final chapter that caught me on an emotional level.  This is a book that I have passed on to my 13 year old niece because I think it really speaks to kids of the current generation but has a wonderful message to what is really important.