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Re: Casting Call!


elemenoP wrote:

oooh I love Hilary Swank as Mary! I have yet to see (or think of) my perfect Cobb, though.


How old DO you think Cobb and Mary are?


I pictured them in their early - mid thirties.


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Re: Casting Call!

Carmenere_lady wrote:

Ok, here's what I've got. 

     Mary - Marisa Tomei - She seems to be a pleasant person, always smiling.

     Cobb - Chris Pine  -  The new Capt. Kirk

     Joan - Merle Streep

     John & Annie - My go to man, George Clooney and Maggie Gyllenhall (sp?)

     Pole and Cobb's dad - Harrison Ford and Jeff Bridges

     Francis - Usher


This is supposing I have an unlimited budget :smileyhappy:





:smileyvery-happy: I love your cast. Chris Pine would be a brilliant Cobb because I think he can have that compassionate and loving side, that the reader can see through the character. But of course, if he needs to go off in some intergallactical battle, well, he can do that too. :smileywink: I could even somewhat see Harrison Ford as a Cobb. If he were younger... (Its ok, Indie. I still love you :smileyhappy:)


Hmn.. Such a challenge, picking out the perfect Mary. Her character is so strong and beautiful, it would be hard to find an actress who could fill such a role. :smileyhappy:  


Karl Urban as John maybe ?

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Re: Casting Call!

Cobb- Ryan Reynolds

Mary- Amy Adams


I don't think the other characters matter too much as long as the two main characters are casted correctly. 

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Re: Casting Call!

I like Chris Pine for Cobb.

For Mary I would do Natalie Portman.

Love, love Bridges and Ford for Pole and Cobb's Dad

Joan would be Judy Davis

Mary's brother-James Murray

Francis-Jordan Francis

Annie & John-Like George Clooney and Mary Beth Hurt