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Re: Questions for Kathy Sagan

Kathy-Sagan wrote:



I have really been amazed by the outpouring of support everyone in the First Look online community has given Joe's novel. The comments are so thought provoking. It is so gratifying to be able to reach out and "talk" with readers so directly and listen to everyone's opinions. Fiction is indeed live and well here. It's wonderful. 

Dear Kathy,You must come back and visit..Peek into our threads,boards,blogs..It is amazing..We are quite a diverse group.I am thankful to have found does make a difference in ones life..Joseph will be remembered long after he leaves us."Eternal on the Water" is Eternal" on  BN....Vtc Susan 

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Re: Questions for Kathy Sagan

I so agree with you because enjoyed the story where Mary and Cobb life was into twine.