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Re: Patch

Describe Patch as far as we know him.

Patch is very dark and mysterious and a Fallen Angle that wants to be a human. His ex-girlfriend is phsyco. And he keeps his secrets to himself but when Nora asks him he tells her the truth.


If you had to guess or invent a history for Patch, what would it be?

He has lived with Rixon for a very long time. Traveling the world once people around him get suspicious about his immortality.Plays pool and hangs out at Bo's Arcade or or the amusment park every day.


Is his attraction to Nora genuine?

I don't think so he was only being with her to kill her but then it turned out to be love.


Do you see Patch as a badboy type, or more as a hero?

I see Patch as a dark hero. He saved her life even though he could have become human. He loved her that much.


Why is Nora so drawn to him?

I think Nora is so drawn to him because he is not like other boys and has a mysterious side that he doesn't show anyone.


Has Patch done anything supernatural so far in the novel? What does Nora suspect him of doing?

Patch has talked in her mind and made the fall from the Archangel as if nothing happened. Nora suspects him of being a stalker and the one who attacked Marcie Millar. 

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Re: Patch

:smileywink:oooh nora picked the most dangerous one of all. hahaha good one:smileytongue: