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Re: Relationships

Jules=Dark,Angry,Jealous,,he wasn't always that way..he was/is someones child...He must  be  and do what needs to be done....we must wait..its so hard..making up our own senarios..Becca we know it will be worth the wait...i wrote on my live journal.. we all have a little fallen angel in us...Vtc   Bye Becca..

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Re: Relationships


Becca-Fitzpatrick wrote:

Laughing at all of the Jules = no personalities!  Maybe Vee has enough personality to make up for what Jules is lacking :smileywink:


OK you can quit your laughing- I can hear you all the way here in NC, and it's keeping me awake! :smileywink:    His lack of personality ended in the gym. THEN I could see his personality was shown!


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Re: Relationships

As I read, I didn't really see any reason to trust Patch, and it seemed more and more like he was turning into the least trustworthy person in the story. I felt that Elliot was suspicously *too* interested in Nora, but wasn't really sure where it was headed... and without giving anything away, Becca certainly did her job at diverting the reader from hidden intentions until it was time for them to be discovered.


I wouldn't say that Nora & Patch's relationship gets deeper, in particular... more familiar, yes, but not necessarily deeper at this point.