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Re: Magnolia

rkubie wrote:
What is their new home on Magnolia like? How is it different? Are they different as a family there?

   Hello again All,


  The Magnolia House is going to be a perfect place for Meridia and Daniel to set up for both their home and business.  It has great potential, and well as a simple layout, which can be transformed the way they want their home to be.  It is a great place for Noah also.  He will still have the ability to see Ravenna and on the sly, Gabriel.  While he does see Eva,  he definitely wants to keep space between them, and Elias certainly loves Noah.  

  I really loved the description in the book of Magnolia Street.  It is a perfect location for their business to prosper, and the location coupled with the partnerships and inventive advertising, will certainly be a plus.   

  I can see Daniel, Meridia and Noah, going far as a result of moving to Magnolia Street.   Finally it looks like Meridia and Daniel are on their way.  The freedom they are now experiencing can only make them stronger as a family.


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Re: Magnolia

Magnolia is the home Daniel and Meridia's grownup home -- they are independent and creating the family they so much deserve.