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Re: Malin and Permony

rkubie wrote:

What are the characters of each of the girls like? Do your feelings for Malin change as much as Meridia's do? Why would Eva treat Permony the way she does? Is there a reason for her favoritism?


When I saw the name Malin, I thought of mal with is a prefix for bad. However, as I read further, I see a cynical child who's mother is an example of deception for her. She views Eva with disgust and disdain because of Eva's two faced nature and falseness. This is why Eva favors her. Eva may actually be afraid of Malin and she tries to buy her loyalty with gifts and praise. Malin has the ability to expose Eva's true nature. I see no logical reason for this treatment of Permony.



Why doesn't Elias stand up for Permony, and why doesn't Daniel?


They do not stand up to Eva because they don't want to be pestered by her bees.



What does Malin want or need from Meridia? What (if anything) does Permony want or need from Meridia?


Malin needs someone to see her mother for what she is and stand up to her since no one else in the family will. Permony needs love, positive attention and kindness.


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Re: Malin and Permony

brezi wrote:
Great insights! I agree that Malin made the biggest personality change by the end of the book. In the beginning, she was one of my least favorite characters, but gradually, she became one of my favorites (after she started looking up to Meridia). Meridia had a great effect on both Malin and Permony's lives and I think she was destined to come into their family and create waves with the status quo set by Eva.

I agree, I think that Malin is a rich, complex character, we get to see her from a lot of different angles throughout the book.  I enjoyed the portrayal of Malin more than any other character!  There's real insight into the "why" of how she acts...and how she changes over time.

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Re: Malin and Permony

  Malin and Permony are two daughters who hunger for genuine maternal love. Malin the beautiful one seems to have this love through the outward actions of the mother, but she understands the lack of depth of these emotions/favoritism isn't everything. Eva wants control over everyone in every way. Because she is such a control freak she is also someone who doesn't have self-esteem. She lives her life through meaningless social functions and her control/cruelty of others in her life.

   Permony resembles Ava physically but Ava is very uncomfortable with that fact. Ava in her deepest thoughts considers herself totally worthless, she will hurt, maim whatever she can to keep these thoughts from controlling her.

    Daniel is Ava's golden child, her only son. He loves his mother deeply and lacks the stomach to disappoint her ( to her face). As times goes on feelings change and he allows his wife to display her talents through book- keeping and business intuition.

      I think that both girls need someone to stand up to Eva and their hoping that she will be the one to accomplish that  goal.