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Re: Notions of Roller Rink Infinity

After finishing the chapter, I found that I couldn't get the following passage out of my  mind. Benji is talking about his ride to Sag Harbor, when he says "but I always remember those drives that way - memory has a palette and broad brush." (3) Although this references his memory of the ride, I found that it is a good thing to reflect on when you consider his story.
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Re: Notions of Roller Rink Infinity


I got sidetracked on another project and got far behind on my reading.  I've already made comments on Chapter one - Notions of Roller Rink Infinity - but since I just reread it - I thought I'd add a few more.  And I hope to get caught up quickly.  BTW - this is a fabulous novel!


I love the narrators light hearted humor of being the only black kid at the parties - and the Finkelsteins are a humorous addition to the cast - with their contradictions and justifications that are common across a large portion of that demographic.


Skating with Emily - I'm not sure if I think this is the beginning of Benji's manhood as much as it might be the beginning of the end of his childhood.  The girl plays a part in this and all of his curiosity - but even more so I think is the absence of his brother - who was ever present in his life until recently.


I wonder what Emily is thinking - and if she is thinking anything....I doubt she is over thinking everything quite like Benji is.  Was it even an event of any significance to her?


I'm thinking at this point that Reggie may end up being the cool brother - as Benji/Ben takes years to overcome mistakes made early on in high school.  That would create significant conflict between the two brothers.  Who knows....I don't just yet.  I'm off to read the next chapter.