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Re: Part II (Ch. 5-8)

becky_quilts wrote:

Audrey is in total denial.  I have to disagree with Frankie.  I don't think she is pushing the doctors for better alternatives, I think she is going on as if Joel will be fine.  Their first day in the hospital she acted as if Joel would wake up any minute.  Now she has come to realize that it is more serious but she is still not facing the reality of the situation.  Joel will never be anything but a vegetable kept alive by machines.


I am really shocked at the degree of self loathing in Karla.  How does that woman get out of bed in the morning?  She is the character I most sympathize with but it is so painful to listen to her thoughts.  I can see a little of Audrey in her in the way she always says the opposite of how she's feeling. 


I've noticed that we never see anything from Lenny's perspective.  Curious.


I agree with you. Audrey remains in denial. I think that is normal when our world gets turned upside down but most people are able to make the  adjustment when reality remains to be dealt with-there is little to no improvement in Joel's condition. It will be interesting to see if she can move on.