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Amy's video

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Check out Amy's video introducing her book to a wider audience!


Click on the image below to play.



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Re: Amy's video

I'm delighted that you located my little film! Thank you so much for sharing it with other readers.


I made this film myself, with a friend. I'm especially proud of this because I think it reflects what the book is about and gives readers some visuals --



Learn more about The Mighty Queens of Freeville.
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Re: Amy's video

This is wonderful. Thank you for posting it! :smileyhappy:


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Re: Amy's video

What a great video!  Thanks for sharing.
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Re: Amy's video

Now a still shot of those women, on the porch, would be a GREAT cover for this book! Very apropo and since it is real, an autobiography, perfectly appropriate to use the real women! What a wonderful little tidbit for the readers too, especially if you didn't know they were the real ones! One of those little hidden jewels. I bet they have some great stories as to why they are mighty queens.
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