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Re: Thanks!

Thank You Sarah,


You have taken a unique aspect on a WWII story. And I appreciate it!

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Re: Thanks!

I just finished the novel this afternoon and I am so glad that I had the chance to read it.  I loved it!  It makes me want to read more books set in the 1040's (this is one of the few that I've read.  I tend to either pick settings a lot further back in time or set mostly in the present).  Thank you for the chance to be a reader for your novel.
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Re: Dear Readers

Your book has been a wonderful read! I absolutely loved it. I normally do not read books set in the 1940's, but this one really sucked me in. I was left wanting to know more after every chapter, which made it nearly impossible to put down. I wish you good luck when the book goes on sale (even though I know you will sell many).

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Re: Dear Readers

Ms. Blake,


I want to add my name to this long list of grateful readers. Your novel is superb, a definite page turner. I especially love novels with strong characters. You didn't disappoint me.


I know this book will do well so I'll wish you good luck on your future books. I definitely want more Sarah Blake books.

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Re: Dear Readers

Hi Sarah

If I don't get a chance to say this before this session ends, I'm playing catch up due to a conference. The beginning was slow but interesting so I took note of each character and kept track. I'm a few short pages from Summer 1941 and finding it smooth reading and hard to put down. I expect to be done by tomorrow.

Your descriptive scenes have put me right there emotionally and physical.

Thank you for a wonderful reading adventure,