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Re: Wake of Forgiveness: I read it all and I'm not sorry! (SPOILER THREAD)

CAG wrote:

To thewanderingjew  Thank you for the additional information about Janus. It really added to my thoughts about the twins and to the section "The Blind Janus".

Ditto to TWJ!

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Re: Wake of Forgiveness: I read it all and I'm not sorry! (SPOILER THREAD)

Fozzie wrote:

As I completed the first section of reading, I was absorbed in both the story and the prose style.  I didn’t want to break up my reading for fear of not “getting” the book.  Much of it is very subtle and requires a careful reading.  I felt immersed in the time and place.  Bruce’s use of language is outstanding. 


I eagerly read into the second section of reading.  Unfortunately, I hit a snag --- The Blind Janus.  I struggled to get through this section of reading.  I kept wondering who these twins were and why they were so hell bent on causing trouble.  I repeatedly went back to earlier sections of reading to find something I had missed, but without success.  I didn’t feel like I was in the scenes, like I did in earlier sections, nor did I feel the sense of tension that the earlier parts of the book had.  I was bored with the storyline in the section (I don’t like Westerns and hated the movie Unforgiven), but pushed through, hoping that once I finished The Blind Janus, the book would return to the book I was enjoying for the first 143 pages.


Luckily, the sections that ended the book were also wonderful.  I loved how everything tied together and was resolved.  However, I found myself wishing that the middle section of the book, where the twins cause trouble, could have been reduced to 15 pages.  Did we really need to know all the details about exactly what they did?  I don’t feel like I did.  Did anyone else notice anything like I am describing, or did I truly miss something?

Hi Fozzie,

I agree with you that the chapters covering the twins were slower than the rest of the book but we had to know with them to understand their pysche, especially when they set fire to Thom's barn, Raymond's farewell to Joe in Karel's barn  and Raymond's departing speech to Karel.  Bruce's description of them was very low keyed, but did they really have a purpose in life?  Their own mother questioned the empty look in their eyes when they were born.  They seemed to flounder in a vacuum...being only sucked into the moment.  Their only claim to glory was when their father perished in the fire.  They just meandered through life, existing in an empty shell.


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Re: Wake of Forgiveness: I read it all and I'm not sorry! (SPOILER THREAD)

MissJ4 wrote:

I wasn't totally sure if I was going to like this book when I started it.  It seemed somewhat depressing but as I read I found I couldn't put it down and ended up really liking it.  I think the writing was excellent and thoroughly enjoyed the book.

I agree with you 100%.  I am confused why people had a hard time!  I really loved this book and will recommend it to others!

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Re: Wake of Forgiveness: I read it all

I read it all and it was hard to get through. Now I know why people can't follow me when I speak and discuss different things.  The book jumped from one date to another and it was hard to see the flashbacks, memories and background. 


Glad I did read it all though, the end surprised me, thinking he was leaving his family and realizing he wasn't just including the family he already had and finally knowing he was with the right wife.


Slow read, difficult to follow from one chapter to the other until you get to the end of the book NOT sorry I read it.

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Re: Wake of Forgiveness: I read it all and I'm not sorry! (SPOILER THREAD)

I did not think I would enjoy this book but then I found nature and men at their worst and at their best. In many ways this book may seem very depressing and yet it holds you to the end. i would not recommend this book to everyone but I would encourage people to try it  and discover somethings they did not expect. Will there be another book that continues through generations? Will the land still claim mens souls?

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Re: Wake of Forgiveness: I read it all and I'm not sorry! (SPOILER THREAD)

I read the whole book before I was supposed to too. I wasnt really impressed though. I thought that the story was really choppy. And that the characters were bland. But it was free and I wont complain

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Re: Wake of Forgiveness: I read it all and I'm not sorry! (SPOILER THREAD)

I could not wait to read it all either. I finished within just a couple of days of receiving the book. I really enjoyed it. Although, I have to say it was really hard to jump back and forth between times. I kept flipping back to previous chapter to refresh my memory as to when in time I was at in the book.

Not an easy or light book at all. It was really hard to follow the characters through as they struggled with life. I really could feel their emotions. I even had sympathy for some of the "bad guys". The setting was very real and easy to imagine. I live in an area very similar to that described in the book and it is very accurate. I could almost feel the cold wind as it blew in the book or the rain as it poured down.

Great job! Not a book I would have chosen on my own but I am very glad I had the chance to read it. 

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Re: Wake of Forgiveness: I read it all and I'm not sorry! (SPOILER THREAD)



I read this book in one sitting and have been waiting for everyone else to finish it before I could remark.  I didn't want to give anything away! 


This was a very well written book that kept my interest all the way through.  It was heartbreaking at times but honest.  It's rare to find such honesty in a novel.  The writing style was lovely and the imagery sometimes shocking. 


I would definitely pick up another book by this author.


Thanks for this opportunity.  I am recommending this book first to my husband and then to my friends.



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Re: Wake of Forgiveness: I read it all and I'm not sorry! (SPOILER THREAD)

This was the first book from the first look club that I had to force myself to finish. That's why we have so many genres that appeal to many different readers. I just did not like this book at all. I would not read it if it had not been in this first look club.


There was so much violence and the characters were so unlikeable I didn't care what happened to them to make them that way or what would happen to them.


I didn't like the style of the author. I disliked his wordy run on sentences and also didn't like the way the story kept switching from time to time. I found it hard to follow.


I am glad that others did like this book. Perhaps it is a personal choice for me and I wish the author luck with his book Wake of Forgiveness. Perhaps for me it was the time period with its visciousness. In any case, considering how much I disliked the book, I felt it best to hold my tongue and say nothing rather than be so critical.


Like ice cream, it's good to have many flavors that appeal to many people. Wake of Forgiveness was not a flavor I enjoyed. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to "taste" it.