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Re: formatting issue

babzilla41 wrote:

literature wrote:

I also noticed that the word pleasure always read as plea sure.  I used my PC to read the book.




thewanderingjew wrote:

I didn't have much of a problem reading the book on my laptop but I did notice that certain words were handled incorrectly, like read as plea  sure, two words. there were a couple of incidents like that.

Corinne-Demas wrote:

I'm happy to know thisI wonder which reading devices are having a problem with fonts.





wrote: copy is on the Nook and there is definately a distinct difference in font and spacing during the scenes from the club meetingsI had no problems at all.







Same happens on iPad.




I read TWC on My Blackberry Curve..The Fonts and Page turning were Good....Would I read another ebook on it I think so..Just wanted to post never bothered my eyes and the back lighting was very good..But I did miss the touch and feel of a Book...Thank you Again  Corinne,,for being so available to us..Hope to see you at a signing one day..Best Susan.Vtc..

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