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Re: The Writing Circle: First Impressions

What do you make of the early piece of a story we are given at the opening of the novel? I was very confused with the opening of this novel. I couldn't understand the importance of the dark figure being witnessed running from a barn. I also was confused about the story of the couple with the baby. I wasn't sure where this fit in to the story as a whole.


I had to re-read the prologue and first chapter of the book because I found it difficult to really get interested in it because it was a little confusing.


Whose story might this be, and what does it lead you think might happen with it? If I'm not mistaken that the two blurbs are two different stories, I think the one about the dark figure would be in Chris' novel. Since I'm already halfway through the book, I know whose novel it is.

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Re: The Writing Circle: First Impressions

My first impression of this book was good. I got through the first 80 pages easily. I was ahead of the reading schedule so I stopped reading it for awhile. Once I picked it back up, I continued to read about the characters. It seemed to me it was difficult to pinpoint the plot of the book in the beginning. What was the purpose? For all of the writers to get published? Friction in the Circle? A good group gone bad? After finishing it, I am still not sure of the meaning or what I was supposed to walk away with or be impressioned with.


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