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Re: Welcome and Introductions


Magnolia2 wrote:

Hello new friends!

 I live in Washington State about 2 hours north of Seattle with my wonderful husband and our 2 golden retrievers, Lucky and Buddy.  All of our children are grown up and we are now enjoying the grandparenting stage of life.  I love to read and am trying to expand my repertoire...I am not real clear on how to receive books beyond signing up...can anyone help me understand the process better?


Hi Magnolia2,

I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say that we'd welcome your company! I've only participated in a few of these discussions - there are several people who have been here since its 'birth' - but here's the process. You will want to keep you eye on the 'Announcement' thread, as a note will be put out there that a new First Look selection is in the works. Usually there will be a note regarding the date the book will be announced, and often at that time the note will say whether it's an ebook or a 'traditional' book. When that date arrives, and the book is announced, just follow the instructions on notifying the moderator that you want to participate. If it's an ARC, you will want to respond relatively quickly, as there are only so many available. It's really that easy! Looking forward to discussing books with you!! 


If I've neglected something, someone please chime in!

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Re: Welcome and Introductions

HI! My name is Nancy and I am new to Nook. In Oviedo area of Florida. Want to know if other types of e-books can be downloaded to my Nook.

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Re: Welcome and Introductions

Hello!  I am new and looking forward to sharing and reading with some new friends.  I live in WA state with my husband and 2 golden retrievers.