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Re: Writer's Circle: Casting Call!

Corinne-Demas wrote:

Gillian on my mind--sounds like a song title!


What sort of theme music would you score for her?





GuzziAlfa wrote:

Having Gillian on my mind, I can't see Michelle Pfeiffer.  Personally, I see Christina Cole or Melissa George.

Bernard - Peter Wingfield

Rachel - Lauren Graham


Sorry - just really wanted to get the Gillian character out there having Gillian on my mind and all.


John S.




the bitch is back, by elton john

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Re: Writer's Circle: Casting Call!

Gillian's the easiest for me -- I'd pick Wendy Mallick. She'd be absolutely perfect for this role.


For Gillian's husband I'd pick Jack Wagner. For Oates, I'd pick someone like John Corbett. Nancy's a little harder, and I'm not really sure yet who I'd choose.


For Paul, I'd pick someone like Justin Long - but not Justin Long. For Virginia, I'd have to think about it. There's no one that pops into my head, but I definitely have an idea.


I think Bernard would be a cross between Kelsey Grammer and William Peterson. Aimee is a little harder, but I can see her being played by a young Holly Hunter (so, maybe Katherine Heigl or similar actress). Adam is tough, too, but I think picking the latest up-and-comer to the movie world who's in his early 20's would do.  I could see Chris being played by someone like Luke Wilson, but with a harder edge to him. So, maybe David Duchovney.


Rachel is another tough one for me. I can see a cross maybe between Chrisina Ricci and Angelina Jolie (I know - quite the combo!).