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Re: New board look

Also, has the letter size shrunk? or is my monitor on steroids?


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Re: New board look

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Just another quick note, Paul. Everytime I read a post and it is the last one on the page I haven't read, I hit "Message Listing" and instead of taking me to the beginning of that thread, it takes me back to the first page. I know this is a work in progress and hope that this is fixed quickly. It is annoying to have to start over again and again. Thanks!


PaulH wrote:
This is a work in progress. Please be patient. Thanks!



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Re: New board look

I don't like the new look at all.  The smaller, lighter font is harder to read.  I agree with you, Sunltcloud, I also can't buy books if I can't read the "fine print".   It's funny you mentioned the supermarket gurus who switch the cereals with the canned goods aisle.  I went into my local supermarket yesterday and they did this exact thing.  Now the cookies & crackers are in the same aisle as the soups - huh?!  It took me twice as long to shop and was a big aggravating finding everything in the store.  As for this board, I have enough trouble catching up on reading everyone's posts without straining my eyes, to boot.  I vote for a change back to the old look.




Sunltcloud wrote:

Looks to me like the "reply" and "laurels"  buttons have been moved to their respective opposite . I am assuming that the marketing wizzards felt we become too one-sided and need to be shook up to buy from different areas. Like the supermarket people who switch my cereals with the canned goods isle in hopes I change my eating habits. Or, maybe, the tech staff needed something to do. Who knows; it happens every so often. We get used to it. I'm on my way to see my 97-year-old mother-in-law who went from entertaining herself to being entertained by radio, TV, tape recorder, CD, DVD, Internet. She stopped at Internet but marvels at the many treasures we dig up for her while surfing.


Now excuse me while I try to figure out how to read the messages. My eyes aren't what they used to be and it seems that either the fonts shrunk or paled; either way, I can't buy books if I can't read the "fine print."


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Re: New board look

I agree with IBIS, the new look is very eye-straining.  Not enough contrast and the font is too small and light..  Another vote for the old look of the board!



IBIS wrote:

The new look is very very hard on the eyes... especially for those of us whose eyesight are not as young as they used to be.


PLEASE please make the letters darker, add more contrast. Even better, make them solid black.


The tinted backgrounds are distracting, and the letters are too light for easy reading.


Things were sooooo much easier before.




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Re: Community Room

anyone know why the books don't show copyright?