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Re: Time and Nature

KathyS wrote:

Kathy and Wisteria,


I apologize to both of you for duplicating something that already has been sorted out. This comes from writing before reading, but I have some other things to do tonight and tried to avoid starting to read. And then I did it anyway. But ...... if somebody asks, I am not addicted to B&N book clubs. I can get up from my computer any time and do chores. Shhhhht.




LOL  G- Don't apologize...we all do it....I read your post, it was great, and it gave me more to think about...good questions you raised!  And, of course, we can all get up from our do our chores. :smileyvery-happy:


:smileyhappy:I totally agree!!  No need to apologize... everyone has value and sometimes stated slightly differently brings out more questions or deeper understanding.  Wisteria


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The Shadow of the Wind,
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Re: Time and Nature

The family was in harmony with their environment out of a need to survive.  I don't know if I would use the term "in harmony"; rather they adapted to the environment because they had to.  The passages that described them working in the garden were beautifully written and made me feel a sense of hope.  However, underneath it all was a feeling of dread, not knowing what the future would bring in the form of weather conditions.  They were completely dependent on the land for their survival.

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Re: Time and Nature



Wasn't it Sophia who took the blanket - she was trying to emulate the magazine pictures? Any by letting her little sister take the fall, I thought it was another example of her weakness.

I tend to agree with you.  I saw this a an example of Sophia's inability to do her part in taking responsibility for things and/or accept things as they are presented to her. 




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