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Re: Welcome and Introductions

Hello Mandy! I love YA as well. Age is just a number. LOL I check out your blog. Its awesome. I can't wait to hear what you have to say about Vixen. I just finished it and I LOVE it!

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Re: Welcome and Introductions

Welcome Mandy,  hopefully you jumped right in on the discussion  because the talk is just about nearing the end.  Welcome & don't forget you don't have to wait until the end-or when your finished.



Wellreadwife  said . . . . .           I'm looking forward to discussing Vixen once I get finished!


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Re: Welcome and Introductions

I often choose books based on the ratings they receive from people who read advanced copies and always wanted to be one of those people that could read and rate books before they are available to the general public. 


I'd like to try this.  I am now semi-retired so have more time to read.  I have been in a bookclub that meets once a month for the past 4 years and am an avid reader.  I read several books a month.  I have a new NOOK COLOR which I love because I can take notes and bookmark pages to help with book club discussions. 


I also taught English for many years to jr. high and high school students.  My mother introduced me to the classics at a young age so I have been reading since I was a little girl.

I am especially interested in historical fiction.  I've just finished FALL OF GIANTS by Ken Follett and can't wait for him to continue these novels. 


I am a fan of Margaret George and have read all of her books.


I am also interested in historical fiction which takes place during the Elizabethan/Tutor era.  Phillipa Gregory is a favorite of mine.


Jodi Picoult is an author we often read in my bookclub.  We like her topics and the fact that there is always a trial and a legal issue involved.


I look forward to this B&N opportunity.