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Your first cookbook

What was your first cookbook that you received or bought?  Mine was a small book (which I still have) from Cutco, a company that sold knives etc.  I still have it somewhere, but never made anything from it. My second one (wedding gift) was a Betty Crocker book - as a new bride, I relied on it very much.



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Re: Your first cookbook


A stack of hand downs from my mom; my mom's old 1960s Joy of cooking (the one with all my father's margin notes, the one that had once been set on fire bottom edges and the back cover, the one stuffed with notecards of random recipes from throughout my childhood), my mom's early 70s Betty Crocker (that has my margin learner notes), a new Betty Crocker, and my Dad's Mrs Beatons from the 50tys.



Well a stack of Cooking textbooks from Cooking school. But my first oh I have to have this was

All Around the World Cookbook  which I have yet to get a recipe that really works out of, but is highly entertaining none the less.



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Re: Your first cookbook

Received: A Disney Kid's cookbook -- I still can't remember the name


Bought: Starving Student's Cookbook (as I went off to college)

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Re: Your first cookbook

I had two "junior" cookbooks when I was a kid: one was a Better Homes and Gardens Junior Cookbook, and the other was a generic paperback (I remember it had a recipe for stained glass window cookies!). Somehow that collection has increased to over 100 cookbooks... :smileyindifferent: