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Unique Design Solutions

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Gordon Hayward's book, Your House, Your Garden addresses practical problems like designing around electrical boxes, overhead wires, satellite dishes dryer vents, air conditioning units and other eyesores that are realities of modern life and offers design solutions.

Have you had to deal with any of these problems, or anything similar? Were you able to come up with a design solution or would you like suggestions from our participants?

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Re: Unique Design Solutions

I purchased this book long before I knew it would be associated with this class. It is a really interesting book, and it covers a lot of practical topics. So many gardening books are the same old, same old, but I have been really happy with this book.

If any of you would like to discuss issues brought up in this book, I'm sure there are others observing our boards who might benefit from your thoughts.

Also, if you have other gardening books to recommend, new or old, I'd love to hear about them.