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Are you familiar with

Hello Susan

I took your advice and googled self publishing children's color books -- what do you know about RJ Communications -- I checked with the BBB and they had no complaints.

How do you research the reliability of a publisher?


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Re: Are you familiar with

I'm familiar with most of the players in the self-publishing space and don't think you'd go wrong with RJR Communications. The founder, Ron Pramschufer, comes from a traditional offset printing background and therefore believes that printing a larger quantity of books (offset) makes more economic sense for most authors than printing one at a time (print on demand.)

How do you know who to trust? First, Google the company names and see what's written about them. (Make sure that the postings are recent because old problems are forever archived on the Internet. Also follow up with the company on clarification or an explanation of something negative--there are two sides to every story and mis-information is sometimes posted by disgruntled customers.) Ask questions, and ask to speak with other authors. Read my book, Get Published, for background on the industry in general (chapters 4, 5 and 6 will provide a complete overview.)

I'll provide more information in future posts so keep reading here and don't hestitate to ask questions of me or of other participants.
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