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Hi, I'm trying to write a book

I"m a fifteen year old girl and I'm in the middle writing a book. I've got two chapters so far and currently stuck on chapter 3. I'm trying to write and I have some of my friends read over it, but the thing is, is the fact that I research what I should do to get my book published. The idea of getting published is like a dream of mine, yet I can't seem to find all the information I need. My parents are supportive, though my dad laughs a little about the fact I'm trying to write a book. My problem is the fact I don't stick to what I usually say I'll do, but I'm trying to break that habit. So if anyone has information for me or what I should do it would mean a lot to me!
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Re: Hi, I'm trying to write a book

For your writers block I would sugest writing a couple of short stories(un-related to your book) to get the creative juices flowing. Short stories can be about anything and can be from 2 paragraphs to 15 pages. I would suggest sticking to those which are less than a page. I cant quite help you further since I dont know why your stuck, where your stuck, or anything about your novel.


As for publishing I would pick up 1 book. Writers Guide to Publishing and Literary Agents.

It will help a lot. A literary agent is some one who will help you get published, and even edit it a little before you send it off. You basically find a publisher that wants a book of the genre you are writing(it will say all this in the book, it may even have adresses to publishers!) and send the whole manuscript. A couple of things could happen. Usually you get a letter that says "Thank you for submitting your manuscript, Im sorry it is not what we are looking for as of now." Sometimes you get one that says "Thank you for submitting your manuscript. I think you should fix this, this and this.If you do, send it back." Or if your lucky"Thank you for submitting your manuscript, we would like to publish this for you."


Make a list of publishers you think would like your book(you will know who to send it to and further instructions on how if you get the book) and send it TO ONE AT A TIME! If one of them says no thank you, cross them off of the list and send it to the next. If you send your manuscript to more than one at a time and more than one accepts you, it will cause a big problem. 


I wouldnt mention to the publisher(nor the agent if possible) your age. I can say that I have noticed one teen writer. Her name is Amelia Atwater-Rhodes and she published her first book at 14.


As for your father, dont listen to him. It sucks he isnt supportive. If you have anymore questions, let me know!