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Re: Questions for Susan Driscoll

Mike Monahan wrote: "Hi Susan,
I just had my book, Barracuda, published by BookSurge who is associated with Amazon. My press release just came out and now I must self promote the book. It is currently for sale on, and I see it listed here at B&N, as a new release, but they are not carrying any copies. Question: How do I get the major book stores to place copies of my book on their shelves? As a newbie, any help will be greatly appreciated."

Mike, I just did the same poetry book entitled, The Dark Times, was just published through Booksurge and the press release went out far this company has been the best publishing company that I have worked with...I also noticed that B&N had my book on their site, but no copies were available...It is available on all sites affiliated with Amazon though...I would love to see the answer to your question as well...the self-promotion piece is tough, but it is going...right now, I am relying on word of mouth and I plan on doing some face to face stuff with my alma mater and local bookstores...good luck...Susan, I would love to know the response to this question too...
Peace and love,
Paula R.

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Re: Questions for Susan Driscoll

Hi Paula,
I'm still waiting for an answer to this all important question for self publishers like us.  I'm quite pleased with BookSurge and the promotion that they did. I did some research regarding having our work carried by B&N.  I emailed B&N and they requested that bookSurge exchange certain info about the book with them.  I called my BookSurge contact and he basically stated that they will not cooperate with B&N.  I don't know if it is some sort of territorial pissing contest or what.  I obtained the info that B&N needed and they updated my bio page, but Barracuda is still listed as "out of stock."  I'm going to have people post their reviews on B&N and hope that it will be beneficial.  My book was published Dec 14th, so I'm still very new to this.  I will keep posting on this site as I endeavour to correct this mystifying situation :-)
Mike Monahan author of Barracuda
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Re: Questions for Susan Driscoll

Although the forum might be an excellent idea, as mentioned above, it doesn't live up to its promise.  Moderator Susan Driscoll has not visited this site since before Christmas and Administrator Jessica, who is frequently online, apparently has no interest in it. 
It appears we are in for a very long wait for the answers to our questions.
If Barnes and Noble ran their stores the way they oversee this "book club" they'd soon be out of business.
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Re: Questions for Susan Driscoll

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I admit, I'm a bit disappointed too. So many writers have valid questions about the publishing process and the lucky ones got theirs answered last year. Maybe a few published authors, agents, or editors can step up and start a new thread where people can ask questions. I've seen so many contributors on these blogs ask great questions and wonder about the process, can it be too much to ask for a little help? I don't think this board is getting as much traffic as many of the others because no one's helping us out here. If Susan comes back--great!--but if not, anyone have any suggestions?
Anybody else kind of feeling like a student at Hogwarts without a Defense Against the Dark Arts Teacher?

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