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What Are You Afraid Of?

I've noticed a number of posts in this group from aspiring authors who express their fear in getting started with the publishing process. I can tell you firsthand: getting published is scary. You WILL be rejected and subjected to criticism; even the best authors are. If you decide to self-publish, you WILL likely encounter snobs who think you're "not good enough" for the mainstream publishers. And no matter how you publish, your book WILL receive negative reviews. You can let the nay-sayers get the best of you, or you can maintain a positive perspective--because if you publish your work, doors will open to you and you'll grow in ways you can't possibly imagine.

For those who have not yet published, what are your hopes and fears? And for those who have published, what was the experience like--and are you still fearful?
Susan Driscoll
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Re: What Are You Afraid Of?

I think what scares me the most is that in attempting to get something published I may find that all those years and hours spent in honing my writing skills will just turn out to be a big waste of time and that no one will be at all interested in the things that I write. I've invested so much of myself in this one blinding hope...but will it be in vain? Can people really grow up and be what they wanted to be as a child? There are so many other competent and asked for writers out there the slightest chance that the public may want to hear my voice too? And then there is the even higher hurdle of getting an editor to want to read the whole book first! It's intimidating.
The other thing that scares me to death is the remote chance of actually succeeding and will I, as a person, be able to handle it? Do I have it in me to deal with contract issues, marketing strategies, public notice?
These are the things that keep me from falling asleep at night. Yet call me crazy, I'm still determined to give the experience a whack and see what happens.
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Re: What Are You Afraid Of?

My self publishing experience has been great! Most of my books are under contract with AuthorHouse. They work hand in hand with you through the entire process. They completely understand if you are new at this business and offer guidance each step of the way. My representative has never complained about the numerous "I want" e-mails I have sent him. The books are top quality. My books look better than many of the big publishing names, but AuthorHouse is a big publisher with top ratings. Anyone is welcomed to e-mail me for more information.

I was afraid of rejection and so are a number of my writing friends who are very talented. I decided to act my age and go forward. What could I loose, a few dollars maybe? That remains to be seen, but I doubt it is going to happen with my books marketed worldwide on top websites and available for leading bookstores to purchase.

I am very glad that I went forward. Please view my books "Where is My Bennie?", "The Beautiful Princess Without a Face", and "Zachary Goes Treasure Hunting" if you want a good example of what self publishing produces.

April Robins
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Re: What Are You Afraid Of?

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Getting lost in the crowd.

All are hawking their wares.

I am a writer, not a fish monger --- a relic of the past.

In today's marketplace, to be heard, you must shout the loudest, the longest, and have a gimmick.

Emily Dickinson, and the Bronte sisters, might never have been published in this world.


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Re: What Are You Afraid Of?

I'm afraid that I'll come back one day 10 years from now with many more books under my belt and read my first novel and think, "I can't believe that got published. It's awful."