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Clearing up the incorrect Duke Lacrosse coincidence

Several people have asked me about the very surface similarity between the Duke lacrosse fiasco (I won't call it a case anymore) and the rape charges in THE WOODS.

In THE WOODS, Paul is prosecuting two tennis players from New Jersey for raping a "stripper" at a fraternity party. Several readers have wondered if the Duke case was what stimulated the idea. The answer is no. I had this idea for several years now -- especially the end twist which I won't give away here. I had this aspect of the book done well before the news in NC broke.

Sometimes life imitates art, sometimes art imitates life, sometimes things just happen. As the case moves on, you will see quite clearly that the similarities are only surface. But I wanted to clear the air.

PS I'm trying to post, but I'm confused about exactly how to do it. I did put something under First Impressions and will try my best. Thanks for understanding!
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Re: Clearing up the incorrect Duke Lacrosse coincidence

Thank you for clearing that up!

I was one of those who noticed and commented on the similarities. And it reinforces my belief that you are one of the greatest mystery writers on the market!
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