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I thought I might post 3 different things about the end of the book that could fit under a couple of posts already, like responsibility and forgiveness, but I wanted to separate out on threads, some of the different characters, so everyone knows who we are talking about, if they are not there, or if they would like to post to just these people so this is one of them.

I was very surprised to learn how deeply involved with the KGB Paul's father was. I thought maybe he was but at the same time, maybe Sosh got him out of Russia with his influence in it. It was hard to hear that Paul's father turned in his own parents to the KGB to save him and his family but I understand what Sosh was trying to tell him about the times. But when I read that he killed Paul's mother because she knew too much and was going to run with the kids, in some ways I lost my sympathy for him and what he did to his own parents. I felt like, well he will kill anyone then, even his wife, who he sees as a threat to him and his life. All those lies, all those years. And poor Paul, thinking his dad was digging for his sister all that time and thinking his father thought he might have had something to do with her death. Even if his dad hadnt been able to tell Paul, who was really out there,he could have comforted Paul and not let him think any of it was his fault. How things turned. Paul who was so angry at his mother for leaving him all this time and so sad that his father may have thought he did something, and now, to find out, his mother loved him and was going to save him from the very man he had loved so much and felt so guilty over. How do you shift that in your mind when, suddenly, the good parent becomes the bad, and the bad becomes the good, (not that black and white I know,but at learning all that happened, thats pretty much the truth of it)? How did you guys feel when you learned it was his mom out there not his sister and what did you think about Paul's father then? Do you feel even after killing Paul's mother, he could have tried more to confort Paul about his sister and not made him feel he was questioning him about her? Paul learns in the end what those questions really meant but, still, why not comfort your son? I really felt sad about them all and felt in many ways, Paul's father was much more KGB than Sosh and less caring.
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