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Thank You All

As the book group comes to a close, I'd like to say thank you all for sharing your thoughts and insights into Harlan Coben's, The Woods. As Harlan has said, no one comes out of The Woods unscathed, and I think that includes any preconceived notions with which we might have entered here! Harlan has certainly caused us all to do a lot of thinking about the gray areas, which has made this a wonderful book club, and there has been some fantastic discussion here.

Harlan, thank you so much for joining us - it has been my pleasure to moderate this book club. This book will stay with me for a long time to come. I've taken away some valuable insight, and I thank you for that as well.

See you all soon in future groups--

Happy Reading!
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Thank you Harlan, Stephanie, and group

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A special thanks to Harlen for this mind-bending experience. And the gray areas in this book certainly gave the gray areas in my brain a work-out! Great novel!! Bravo!

I also have to thank my mom for asking the home to let me out of my room, and giving me my crayons back, if just for this short period of time. Lessons well taught and learned!

Here's a little quote from G.B.Shaw: Better keep yourself clean and bright; you are the window through which you must see the world

Now I'm going back to my room to read a few dozen more books....and wishing you all Happy Reading too!

Kathy S.

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Thank You Harlan, Steph, & Group

Harlan, thanks so much for spending time with us. I truly loved this book - it kept me on the edge of my seat & totally hooked me. In fact, just last night I picked up another of your books that I can't wait to read. Keep writing!!

Steph, another great moderating job - it's always great to have you around!

Group, thanks for the discussion & points of view.

See you all again soon!!
Liz ♥ ♥

Some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed, and some few to be chewed and digested. ~ Francis Bacon
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Re: Thank You All

Thank you Stephanie for a great book club. I've really enjoyed the discussions and the group we had. I hope to have you moderate again very soon.

Thanks Harlan for another great book. I loved it and I enjoy trying to figure out the mysteries but I never get them all. That makes it even more enjoyable. You've also got some new fans because of this discussion. Thanks for joining us and letting us pick your brain. I have so many more questions I'd love to ask someday. You and your stories are fascinating!

Thanks to everyone else as well. You make the discussions interesting and great fun. Keep it up! I hope to join you all in more clubs.
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