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And the winner of my Tri-Muggle Tournament is....

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Hi! For those of you who don't know, I've made 3 Harry Potter quizzes each having 100 questions. I've already finished posting my 1st quiz and picked the 5 people who had the highest scores. Each of them sent me 10 questions of their own and I've picked the person who had the toughest to be the 1st champion. I'll do the same for the second quiz once I post it and everyone is welcome to participate.

Now, the person who had some of the toughest questions I've seen, and is now the 1st champion in my Tri-Muggle Tournament is..... StoryMing!!!!! Congratulations StoryMing!

I would also like to congratulate everyone else who participated in my 1st quiz, you've all done a fabulously excellent job! You all sure do know your Harry Potter facts!

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Re: And the winner of my Tri-Muggle Tournament is....

hey- wow...!
*is a bit stunned. bows clumsily*