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Re: If YOU Were In the HP World

If I were part of the HP world it would be totally awesome.


1) Prophet or Quibbler?  Quibbler

2 )House? Gryffindor

3) occupation? Auror 

4) patronus? Phoenix

5) what dead character would you save? Dobby

6) Order or Voldy? Order- We would need to keep the peace

7) at the time of book 7, would you be an adult or a kid? A kid.  So I can help continue studying with the next generation of Wizards

8) fav professor? SNAPE

9) loyal, traitor, or unknown to your cause? Unknown to the cause

10) who are your relatives/what family would you want to be a part of/ who would you marry? Why? Please post and add q's if you want!  I guess the best relatives or family is the Weasley family, but I would be adopted- not real interested in the brothers.