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A reader on this club asked about RSS. I'm not an expert on this subscription service, but I asked one of the editors to give us a little more information about it. She sent the information below. ~ConnieK

For those who don't know, RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a way to view web content from a variety of sites all in one place. RSS is becoming more popular and commonplace by the day. Once you get the hang of it, you'll find it's a real time saver for those who can't be on Book Clubs at all times but still want to stay up to date.

You "subscribe" to a blog's RSS feed via a web-based newsreader like Google Reader or My Yahoo. (There are also a variety of standalone readers too.) The latest versions of most web browsers have some form of RSS reader built in as well. When the site you are subscribed to publishes new content, the headline (sometimes the whole item) will appear in your RSS Reader. has a good RSS Tutorial complete with instructional videos for the uninitiated.

What does all this mean for Book Clubs? You can now subscribe to a Board, Thread, or Message's RSS feed. If you subscribe to a Board, it will let you know any time someone starts a new thread. If you subscribe to a thread, it will let you know any time someone posts to that thread. And if you subscribe to a message within a thread, it will let you know any time someone replies to that message. It's a lot like our internal User Subscriptions, but without any email. You can be alerted instantly if someone posts to a subscribed board or thread.

To subscribe to a board, thread or message, just go to the pulldown Options menu and select "Subscribe to RSS Feed" from the Options menu. Do that and you'll see a preview of the feed. You can either then manually paste the URL into the newsreader of your choice, or many (like Google Reader) give you a button for your web browser to click and subscribe you automatically.

The more familiar you become with RSS, the more you'll wonder what you did without it. If it seems too complicated for you right now, however, don't sweat it. You can continue to use Book Clubs the same way you always have. But RSS is there for those who want it.

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