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The Quibbler's Survey (Probably spoilers!!!)

You are walking down a cobblestone lane in South London when you spot a tattered copy of the Quibbler. On the first page you find a survey. It says: 1) House? 2) Fav character 3) least fav 4) do you own a house elf? 5) fav professor? 6) what era (marauders, potter, or epilogue)? 7) Snape: hero or out for himself? 8) Patronus? 9) Death Eater or Order? 10) What would the future of dead characters (Snape, the Lupins, Fred, exc.) have been like. (Choose 1 of the dead chars., not a generalization) Do you throw the copy away? Decode the survey with your Spectrespecs? How do you reply?
All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream. - EAP
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Re: The Quibbler's Survey (Probably spoilers!!!)

My answers would be:1)Ravenclaw 2)Snape. Snape. Severus Snape. (Anybody get it?if not google hp puppet pals) 3) Voldy and Bella(trix) 4)i owned an elf but set him free. 5)Snape. 6)Marauders era 7)not a hero, but he tried his best to help Harry 8) a fox 9)Order. Possibly spy. I dont mind dangerous work.10) Aaaah!!! So many options!!!
All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream. - EAP
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Re: The Quibbler's Survey (Probably spoilers!!!)

1. Ravenclaw

2. Dobby

3. WormTail

4. no

5. McG

6. Marauders

7. Hero

8. Owl

9. ORder

10. Snape - Prefessor, Lupin- still married to Tonks, Fred- At the Joke shop wih George. 


11. Decode the survey with my Spectrespecs

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Re: The Quibbler's Survey (Probably spoilers!!!)

[ Edited ]
*placing on the free pair of spectrespecs, I eagerly decode the survey and fill in my corresponding answers with an eagle owl feather quill*

1) On Pottermore I was chosen for Ravenclaw. I could see myself there or in Slytherin. But we'll go with Ravenclaw now.
2) Tom Riddle - he's very complex and the process he went through to become who he is fascinates me.
3) Hmmm. Probably Lavender Brown or Cho Chang. They were both obstacles for the OTPs.
4) No. As much as it would be nice to not have to clean or cook I would feel way too guilty.
5) McGonagall - she's been around a while and she's fair.
6) Potter! I would be friends with Ginny for sure.
7) Hero. What a horrible life he's had. :smileysad:
8) Probably a bird of some kind. Cause I like to travel and I can be sorta smart.
9) Oooooh definitely the Order I think. I couldn't cause someone that much pain. At least not boldly like the Death Eaters do.
10) I think Snape would have gone on teaching DADA, being his bossy self. He would still glare at students and scowl as often as possible, but I think he would not be as awful to Harry as he had been. His kids, probably the same, but Harry himself I think his behavior would be less viscious.

And that was probably a lot more than you asked for but it was quite fun to fill out! Thank you!
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Re: The Quibbler's Survey (Probably spoilers!!!)


1. Gryffindor

2. Ronald Weasley

3. Pansy Parkinson

4. Naw. I can do my own housework. Unless I could have one for a friend.

5. Professor Snape

6. Potter. 

7. Definitely a hero. 

8. A lion.

9. The Order, most definitely.

10. Things would have been very different. Like, Lupin, he would have been there to watch his son grow up, as for Tonks. I'm sure his family and Harry's would have spent a lot of time together on vacations and holidays. 


I would never throw The Quibbler away, because I've got my Spectrespecs ready to go.

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Re: The Quibbler's Survey (Probably spoilers!!!)



3)Snape and Pettigrew

4)No, that's cruel





9)Order of the Phoenix

10) Fred would have continued the Sweet Shop with George and lived happily ever after.



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