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Re: Things that get you all choked up

Uh, sorry that last part was supposed to be a comment to someone else's comment. I obviously don't know what I'm doing yet.


Okay, things that choke me up:

- 2nd when Ron sacfrifices himself on the chess board

-Ron screaming Hermione's name as she's being tortured

-wormtail's death (so shocking)

- Dobby's death and funeral (so beautiful)

-when Griphook stares at Harry and says "You are an unusual wizard, Harry Potter" (the start of their conversation)

- when Harry goes to talk to Griphook then turns to Ron and Hermione and says "I'll you two as well!"

-Finding out Tonks and Lupin died and when Tonks yelled at Lupin that she wanted to be with him (They were my favorite couple)

-Fred's death

-Harry At his parents grave (finally Harry breaks down and Hermione is right there with him holding his hand)

- Harry telling the snitch he was going to die

-McGonagall, Ron, Hermione, and Ginny screaming for Harry when they think he's dead

- Overall in the 7nth book I found that Ron and Harry were realy protective of Hermione. Like they always pushed her ahead of them and threw her to the ground when they needed to dive. I just loved the love that they have for her


Oh God, I could go on and on for this topic. So many heartwrenching parts in this book.

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Re: Things that get you all choked up

Those are all things that got me chocked up. I cried when Dobby and Dumbledore died. Also in DH when Fred died. When Harry is prepared to die and asks his mom to stay with him. I am getting teary eyed now. :womansad:

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Re: Things that get you all choked up

The one that makes me cry the most is when Harry goes up to Dumbledore's office after the war is over and all of the headmasters and headmistresses are applauding him and he just looks at Dumbledore who has tears running down his nose. I was sobbing when I read that. 


But also, my favorite part of the whole series is "Of course it's happening in your head Harry, but why on earth should that mean it isn't real?" :') I cry when I tell people about that part.

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Re: Things that get you all choked up

oh there are a couple things that got me through out the series but some that quickly come to mind are


1. The mirror of erised.

2. Dobby's death

3. DD's death

4. ohh Hedwids death really got me

5. oh when Harry talked to his family before going to Voldy

6. Sirius death more for Harry than anything else. 


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Re: Things that get you all choked up

1. Dobby's death

2. Sirius's death

3. And when Buckbeak got his death sentence

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Re: Things that get you all choked up

1. in the seventh book when harry saw his old home and the board popped up with messages encouraging harry.

2. when ron is screaming to hermione as she's being tortured.

3. when percy and fred are fighting side by side in the sevent movie and they make up, and then fred dies:'(

4. when harry barries dobby without magic, and when dobby dies.

5. when harry talks to dumbledore in the seventh book at the end and he cries and tells his story to harry.

6. when snape dies and gives harry his memories.

7. when voldemort can't keep the D.A members quiet because they are all to loyal to harry.

8. when ron and harry get in a fight and ron abandons them

9. when ron finds his way back to harry and hermione.

and thats just some from the seventh movie.

10. in the first book when ron sacrifises himself so that harry can move on and fight quirrel.

11. when sirius sends harry the firebolt.

12. when harry learns sirius's true story and sirius offers harry to come live with him.

13. when sirius is a lil disappointed that harry wasn't expeled cuz he wants him to stay with him.

14. when sirius says 'just like james' as they are fighting the death eaters in the fifth movie.

15. when sirius dies.

16. aslo in the first movie voldemort tells harry 'brave, just like your parents' chokes me up because it tells you that even voldemort knew that harry's parents were really brave.

there are sooooooo much more, but i have things that i really have to get back to (homework). and this topic was a great idea by the way. love the idea!!!!!

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Re: Things that get you all choked up

1) Snape's death ( and dont you dare say im odd) 2) dobbys death 3) "Always"
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Re: Things that get you all choked up


2. Blimey as much as I hate him, Snape dying

3. Snape's love for Lily

4. Ron screaming for Hermione when they were locked in the Malfoys' basement

5. Draco laying in the puddles in the bathroom when Harry used the Sectrumsempra spell on him

6. Every time Hermione caught Ron and Lavender snogging

7. Sirius dying

8. Percy and Ron when they were ontop of Fred's dead body, not ever wanting to leave him.

9. Mrs. Weasley's boggart of all the dead children

10. Even though I hate this couple, when Cho had a go at Harry because he kept talking about Hermione

11. Neville and his parents being dead!


Yeah, I'm an emotional person. There are a ton more things, but I cannot think of them right now....

"One person can't feel all that at once, they'd explode."
"Just because you've got the emotional range of a teaspoon doesn't mean we all have."--Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger
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Re: Things that get you all choked up

I cried for the whole week after I knew Fred Weasly died.:mansad:

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Re: Things that get you all choked up

First time poster here plus first time reading through the books.  I loved the movies and because of them I'm reading the books.  I haven't noticed this mentioned but I couldn't stop being emotional and literally weeping.  


In the Goblet of Fire after Harry returns from the graveyard and is up in the hospital, he wakes up and sees the Weasley family.  Mrs. Weasley is close when Harry gets all emotional, she sees him wanting to cry, then gives him a huge hug. 


Harry gets extra emotional because this is first time he's ever been hugged as if from a mother.


How sad but how wonderful that he found a caring family in the Weasley's!  And how sad that he lived about 15 years before being hugged like this!

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Re: Things that get you all choked up

When I reread the series, the only parts I cry at are at the end of the Deathly Hallows.

1) When we are able to look into Snapes memories and see that he really did care for Harry because of Lily. Also when him and Dumbledore talked about Dumbledore's upcoming death and Harry's

2) When Harry knows he is going to die and meets his parents, Sirius, and Lupin in the forest. Especially the "Will it hurt?" In the movie I choked up when Hermoine says "I'll go with you," Though I personally liked the book better whereas no one knew about Harry marching to his death.