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Hi all, I'm going to move a couple of the Voldemort messages here to keep theories about him in one spot--


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Re: Theory

LOL We agreed :smileyhappy: Unfortunately, I'm about to bring up the Horcrux thing again hehe. But hear me out if you would, in OOTP after Sirius dies and Harry is back in Dumbledore's office with Dumbledore (pg 824), I wonder if the uppercase (Capitalized) statements that Harry says are actually Tom Riddle - Not Voldamort mind you, but Tom Riddle. Here is some of what Harry says, although, Im wondering if its Riddle saying it through Harry via the soul in Harry's noggin:


I one believes me lol :smileyhappy:

DebsScott wrote:

PattyBNUChick wrote:
I dont know statistics, but I would think some of the most evil hadnt a need for human affection. Or if they had it, they ignored it. Also, RIddle grew up in an orphanage, never knew his parents and was a gaunt, who in HBP DD said something like the Gaunts had intermarried so much, they wound up with a messed up gene pool (my paraphrasing). The gaunts weren't what you'd call normal.

Also, isn't it strange that Tom Riddle/Voldermort has never seeked any female relationships, or any true friends at all. Even the most evil villans in history can't avoid the biological need for human affection.

I believe that Dumbledore's mentioning of the intermarriage of the Gaunt line was made to show that Tom Marvolo Riddle was off in the head. Many children grow up in orphanages, many without parents, many in abusive homes but they don't grow up EVIL. We discussed this at one point on the HBP reading group, and I stated there that I thought LV's mind was a mess because of messed up genes due to interbreeding. I don't believe anyone is BORN evil without a reason and many children who are abused, neglected or mistreated grow up to be good productive people. (PATTY! WE AGREED ON SOMETHING! *faint*)

I believe this messed up mind is why LV is alone. Many of today's most vicious killers are what is termed "loners". They live alone, may work but don't interact with others, do not socialize with anyone they know (this is not true of ALL "evil" people, but the majority). LV couldn't make friends or even seek out female companionship (who's to say he's never...hem, hem...HAD a woman for no one adult in the HP series really has relationships that we know...except Arthur/Molly, James/Lily, Vernon/Petunia, Remus/Tonks, Bill/Fleur, Lucius/Narcissa...there may be a few more but you know what I mean...none of the teachers) because in his twisted mind, he never had a need for them.

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Requested - The Grindelwald Theory

Please understand that I am posting this because someone asked me to. I do not really believe that JKR is going to go down this path in the final book. It is just a fun idea I felt like toying with.

My "Grindelwald Theory" isn't really my own theory. It is more of a slight modification of two essays that were published on the "Red Hen" website (which everyone should visit since the theories are all very well thought out and argued, and the fanfic entitled “Conspiracy of Silence” is far and away the best one I have ever read). The links to the full essays are: , and

I highly recommend that you read both of these essays in their entirety (as well as everything else on the site) as they are incredibly well thought out.

Some excerpts from the essays:

1. “...And, notwithstanding the history of the long decline of the House of Gaunt, Voldemorts are made, not born.

In fact they are made very early in life, and quite possibly only under conditions which may not typically be found inside the wizarding world. By the time Tom Riddle received his Hogwarts letter it was already far too late...That Mrs. Cole tells us that Tom was a “funny” boy, and that he had evidently been so virtually from birth suggests that the fundamental damage to young Tom Riddle was done long before any ill-intentioned human agency could have gotten their hooks into him. The only way that anyone could have saved Tom would have been to have gotten him out of that orphanage and into an affectionate foster family before he had the chance to develop a sociopathic personality disorder in the first place.

And, no, the orphanage did not make him what he was, either. But it didn’t help. (Harry, by contrast, would have probably managed to be mildly happy in that orphanage, more so than he was with the Dursleys, at any rate. He would have had friends.)”

2. "...The Dementors probably cannot rule the wizarding world themselves. Not directly. They are not willing to communicate well enough with other species to be able to control them in the way a ruler must. (And besides, they are blind, only sensing the presence of others by tracking their emotions, which puts them at some disadvantage.) But a Dark Lord proxy certainly could rule it for them, in their stead, and for their benefit. And perhaps they don't just wait around for likely prospects to crop up by accident.

Maybe they stay on the alert for conditions which would allow them to try to create one.


When you stop and think of it, such conditions would necessarily be rare.

To begin with, they would want a magical child of considerable inherent power. A low-powered wizard would not be worth their efforts. Ideally, a higher than average degree of intelligence would also be wanted. The child would need the smarts to figure out a way to take control of the wizarding world after all. Or at least to keep it stirred up.

Powerful children, even intelligent powerful children are not as uncommon as all that, but the Dementors may not really be able to evaluate a human infant for those qualities, and Riddle was just a lucky catch.

Because what the Dementors really require is a *newborn* child, since one which has already taken the first steps toward normal human interaction would already be of no use to them, except as the source of a soul to devour.

Moreover, they need this hypothetical child to be without any established ties of affection which might protect him. For their purposes, the child must be absolutely alone in the world. Since for him to have formed even the most basic form of an attachment would give him something else to cling to. A “patron” as it were.

And it is also essential for their purposes for such a child to have fallen into Muggle hands. Otherwise their interference would be noted. Muggles, however, cannot see Dementors, and so will not interfere.

We know that the Dementors were never absolutely confined to Azkaban. They were the guards of the prison, not the prisoners. And while the MoM only calls them away from the island rarely, I don't really think the MoM ever took much account of their actions whenever one of them went off to prowl through the Muggle world. The MoM is concerned only with the wizarding world’s security. Muggles cannot see Dementors. Therefore the safety of the wizarding world is not being threatened by a Dementor roaming at large among Muggles. I think that in the Potterverse, the Dementors may have gone prowling through Muggle society on a fairly regular basis.

And what is likely to be the effect of a Dementor “just hanging around” in a child's nursery? Muggles cannot see Dementors, but they certainly feel the effects of their proximity. A child's caretakers may be so affected that they never quite manage to develop much feeling at all for that little scrap, mightn't they? And with a Dementor hovering about, the kid's not going to be doing all that well either. He may never manage to develop the faith to be able to try to connect with his caretakers. An intelligent, unprotected, *highly magical* infant would be a positive gift to the Dementors, wouldn't it?

Particularly once their tampering has rendered the child incapable of comprehending the meaning or purpose of any human social contract. Once that initial damage is done, the Dementors could probably safely withdraw and leave their unwitting “godchild” to recover it's balance and develop like a cuckoo in the nest, and if British, eventually that little cuckoo will be sent a Hogwarts letter.

Such a possibility would certainly account for Tom Riddle.

For that matter it might even account for the leeching of magic, and the profound failure of the will to live which effectively killed his mother, Merope. You don't get the impression that Merope Gaunt was likely to have been able to produce a Patronus, do you?

Indeed, how do we know that the crippling despair that Merope Gaunt Riddle fell into after her husband left her didn't eventually attract one? One which sensed that she bore young, which they could use. When she finally stumbled up the steps of the orphanage she might not have been alone.

And what do you suppose would be the effect of prenatal exposure to Dementors over the last trimester of a pregnancy? That may need to be considered in the equation as well.

And what of Mrs. Cole’s description? “He was a funny baby. Hardly ever cried, you know. And then, when he got a little older, he was... odd.”

Hardly ever cried? What was he doing then? Lying there, silent and terrified? What a horrible thought! I should think such a child would turn out... odd.

And even in a best-case scenario, a lack of crying probably meant that he did not get the attention he needed from the staff, who, from what we were able to see of the place, were generally harried and run off their legs. A child who did not cry would have been passed over in favor of one who did..."

The above essays basically explain most of the theory. If there were Dementors present at the orphanage, the staff would have always felt extremely uncomfortable around young Riddle, ensuring that he never experienced basic human contact (the power the dark lord knows not), and would have never even saw the value of experiencing it. Unlike the author of the above essays however, I don’t believe that Dementors have the innate “intelligence” if you will, to stage such an elaborate coup. Grindelwald however, would have had both the intelligence and the desire, and his name has certainly popped up enough at this point for us to wonder whether or not he is mere window dressing.

If we are to accept the parallel that Grindelwald was defeated by Dumbledore the same year as Hitler killed himself (1945), is it too much of a stretch to assume that he came to power the same year as National Socialism first started to take hold in Germany (1927-28), which was also when Tom Marvolo Riddle was born (’27 or ’28 depending on whose timeline you believe)? For that matter, how exactly was Grindelwald defeated? Did Dumbledore kill him? Was he sent to Azkaban? Did he pull a Hitler and kill himself?

In another parallel to the Third Reich, is it possible that he, like Hitler was toying with the idea of making a “superman”, and if successful, eventually making an army of them? And if so, was Tom Riddle the prototype?

Just how would the incredibly vain Lord Voldemort react if he found out that all this time he was just a pawn in someone else’s chess game?
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Re: Requested - The Grindelwald Theory

This is chilling and fascinating--thanks for posting!