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Re: Casting

[ Edited ]
Ok, I should first state that I saw the first three movies first beofe I even picked up the book, so even though I'm actually quite ok with most of the acting choices I know what they should look like:

Harry- Perfect. Execept could some green contacts have killed some one? Oh, and Daniel's terribly short in real life, not that they could have guessed that he would be when he was 11...
Ron- Perfect. I think his facial expressions, are great for what they show... he doesn't get as much face time as I think he could get.
Hermione- Everyone says she's too pretty, but JK never said she was ugly, unless I missed that part. She just said she wore braces and had bushy hair, things that most characters grow out of, and I think she's the perfect choice if in the end of DH JK has her a woman whose grown into her looks. Again, would it have killed someone to find braces for her?

McGonagall- not exactly as the book decsribed, but I think she nails the role. I wouldn't want to cross her path.
Snape- no where as unattractive as the book described, but his voice and portrayal of the part is Brilliant. And admit it... the fact that Alan Rickman is Snape makes you want to see Severus be good in the end to justify your liking him... admit it, I can't be the only one, lol.
Flitwick- close enough
Hagrid- Really good. Especially after I saw Robbie in other movies as a differnt person, you know he's not even a Hagrid type, but he pulls it off.
Dumbledore- Richard Harris, Brilliant. Michael Gambon- not so Brilliant. I think he would'e been a better Voldy or anyone else, for that matter...

Ginny- at first at thought she was perfect, but now something seems off. I can't put my finger on it, I'll have to see, especially since I'mone of the few who are dying to see Ginny and Harry's kiss... been waiting since CoS.
Fred and George- nothing like the book described them as physically, but they have the attitude down packed, so I'm not too upset.
Dean- Perfect.
Seamus- Perfect.
Neville- Perefection will bejudged after OoTP. He's been good as a backgorund character, but now he steps up...
Luna- like Neville I gotta see...

Voldy- They say the red eyes didn't look real... I thought we wree dealing with magic, where the unreal becomes real... damn it, make it work. Ralph's acting was good to me, though I need to see the fight.
Draco- Perfect. He;s beend everything he's supposed to be. But his wig looks terrible...
Lucius- He's really good. I don't want him to be redeemable in any way, because I enjoy him as a bad guy, and e makes me feel sorry Draco.
Bellatrix- she's got the crazed look down... need to see the acting.

Lupn- I think David does well. He's actually about Lupin's real age, and born in Lupin's same month. I think PoA was a sucky film, which caused David to look sucky as well. So I'm fully expecting him to be way better this time around, he's a good Lupin, we just haven't see it yet...
Sirius- ah... Sirius has this courageous reckless quality about him that again the PoA
movie didn't really show. I expect much better things from him this movie before he bites the pixie dust...
Kingsely- we'll see...
Tonks- we'll see
Moody- Except for the fact that the only time he screamed Constant Vigilance was in an extra on the DVD, I thought Brendan was good. Not perfect but good. Better this tima around, hopefully.

Mr Weasley- Not like the book described exactly, but he still made me laugh in CoS. He's ok in my book.
Mrs. Weasley- Perfect.
Krum- nothing like the book described, but I liked Stan's portrayal of him.
Fleur- she was cool. Maybe not veela enough though...
Cedrid- I didn't care for him as a character in the book, so it went doubly in the movie, and I really can't say...

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I don't think I'm better than you, I just know better...
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Re: Casting

[ Edited ]
These are my judgements based on the first four movies, some of these opinions might change after my veiwing of Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix.

The Trio:
Harry- Dan is okay, to me there is just something off, especially when he tries to look all depressed....But if he can pull off the scenes in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and even futher in the future Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. To me that was when we saw how Harry should really be.
Ron- Rupert is perfect. He really proved it in Prisoner of Azakaban.
Hermione- She's okay. Her chemistry with Rupert seems to be off, but I am going to hold out for her until OotP.

Hogwarts teachers:
Dumbledore- Richard was a good Dumbledore, especially the scene in SS (i believe it was this movie...please forgive me if its not.)when he tasted the earwax flavored bean. He was great. But the new Dumbledore seems to cold. In the books he still had a cheerful disposition, he was loving and well....Dumbledore. And for anyone who has the time I suggest watching the PoA and watch carefully the scene where Harry and Hermione return from saving Sirius. Look how Dumbledore reacts when they tell him waht happened and play close attention the look he gives them as he is going down the stairs.
Also on a final note one word: Ponytail??????????
Snape- Perfecto
Flitwick- Not enough of movie time to formulate a solid opinion but ok I guess.
Sprout- see Flitwick's description.
McGonagall- Excellente
Trewelany (can't speel this is just a guess)- He hair sold her for the part.:smileywink:
Gildaroy Lockhart- I still laugh just thinking about him.
Umbridge- From what i have scene she's good but I have to wait till the movie comes out.
Hagrid- Pretty darn good, pretty darn good indeed.

The Order of the Phoenix:
Lupin- He's pretty much prefect.
Tonks- It's all in the hair.....I'm just waiting to see the hair.
Sirius- Ok I guess...lets wait and see.
Arthur Weasley- Good.
Mrs. Weasley- Exactly as I pictured her, but her howler was a bit disappointing.
James- He looks old.
Lily- She's not pretty enough for my taste but who knows...maybe in her scenes from OotP....
Mad Eye Moody- Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Dumbledore's Army:
Ginny- Ummmmmm I'm not going to say anything till HBP comes out.
Fred and George- They're great, but I want to see their exit from Hogwarts.
Luna- I saw a clip from OotP. She's perfect.
Neville- He needs to be clumsier.
Cho- Once again I am going to wait.

Peter- he looks remarkably like a rat.
Lucius- Creepy
Bellatrix- Leather huh? Well she does look crazy.
Voldemort- Good.

Hogwarts students:
Wood- No, I didn't see it.
Draco- Great, but will someone fix his hair.
Crabe and Goyle- they don't look dumb enough.
The Patil twins- different than what I pictured.
Semus- Good
Dean- It all depends on HBP

Putunia- She is perfect
Vernon- very red.
Maxim- Tall, very tall.

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The Magic of the Harry Potter series will never die, as long as the books are on our shelves and the characters stay in our hearts.
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Helena Bonham Carter on Being Bellatrix

Helena Bonham Carter makes her HP debut in Order of the Phoenix as Bellatrix. Here's a brief article/interview with her. I thought this was an revealing quotation: "I had about five lines and I think they cut about three of them," Bonham Carter, 41, told The Associated Press. "So I knew I had to be conspicuous."

One of the things that I always think about with these film adaptations is that in an "action" oriented movie (which is how the HP films are done), the actors work under enormous constraints. If you look at almost any character other than the principals, their presence is defined by a very small amount of screen time and usually just a bit of the dialogue they have in the books. So, as Bonham Carter notes, they really have to make the most of what they do get to say.
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Re: Casting

Hermione-perfect (hair could be bushier in 3-4)

Dean-could be better
Patil twins-good, but different than what I pictured
Ginny-great, not perfect. not enough screen time
Fred and George-perfect
Percy-needs more screen time. so-so.

Dumbledore-perfect as Harris, not as good as Gambon. Needs to be more enthusiastic and humorous. But give him a break, people! He has to live up to what Harris already did!
Snape-could he have been more perfect?!?! the most perfect role cast.
Umbridge-from what I've seen, not as squat and fat as I pictured.
Lockhart-perfect and hilarious
Quirrel-ok. stuttered perfectly
Moody-good, but not as scarred or tall as I expected. I thought he would have a longer face, not a short one. and what is with the strap for the eyeball?
Lupin-good, but different than what I thought.

Crabbe and Goyle-perfect in 1-2, but in 3, they replaced goyle with some other guy.
Where is Pansy Parkinson? I want to know, because Slytherin isn't all boys, you know!
Voldemort-good, but what's with the nose?
Belatrix-from what I've seen, perfect.

Sirius-the 2nd best role cast (next to Snape)
Mr. and Mrs Weasely-Great
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Re: Casting

Now having seen the fifth movie i can continue.

Umbridge- prefect
Filch- creepy
Grawp- cool
bellatrix-really good at beinng really bad
Tonks- She was good but she had what, one line?
Cho- I picture her right. She's great
Luna- She is the best cast character since Snape.
Dudley- When did he get all "ganster"....jk
Fig- She was good
The Magic of the Harry Potter series will never die, as long as the books are on our shelves and the characters stay in our hearts.
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Re: Casting

Luckily for me the movies haven't changed the way I read the books too much, save for the settings or something. So the way I view the characters in my mind are different than how I see them on screen. Yes, they more or less are based on the actors, but tweaked to be perfect.

Who do I like... I have a weird view on these things.

Don't like Harry's character too much in the books. I love Daniel Radcliffe, but still not sure I like him as Harry, even though he's making me like Harry in the movies more than the books. :\

Ron is one of my all-time favorite characters. Amazing! Rupert Grint is adorable. He may not be a picture-perfect Ron, but I think he's done a great job.

Didn't like her a whole lot in the first couple of books, but she eventually grew on me. In the movies? I could never stand her. I think she's obnoxious. Emma Watson is so cute though...

One of my other favorite characters from the book. In the movie...he's just blah. Nothing special. I will admit to a fangirly crush on him my freshman year of high school, but it passed. Now I just laugh at the other fangirlies fawning over him. I had people squeaking and sighing as I passed by them. (I was wearing a Draco shirt.)

I like this guy but he needs to be a bit more light-hearted...
And get rid of that ponytail on his beard... *shudder*

Not sure I liked Gary Oldman as him at first when we saw him in PoA, but after watching it a couple times and after seeing him in this, I really like his performance.

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Re: Casting

Proper-T wrote:

Harry- Perfect. Execept could some green contacts have killed some one?

I actually think that he is physically unable to wear contacts. Apparently, when Dan tried some green colored contacts, he said they were "excruciatingly painful".

Sent a letter in the mail in braille to Johnny Quest
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Re: Casting

Well, here are my likes and dislikes. Sorry I'm not a pro at the actors names so I'll just list the character names if I can't remember.

Sirius: I think he looks to old and ugly. I know Azkaban will have had an effect on him but he doesn't look like he was ever attractive. And what's with that ugly beard thing?

Gambon as DD: I hate this guy as DD. Like most of you have already mentioned, there's none of the lightheartedness or humor. This guy's just to serious and maybe even a little to young
Harris(?) as DD: LOVED HIM!! I thought I was the only one who felt this way until I read some of the previous posts. He was sooo incredibly perfect. I heard some comments about him looking too old and frail, but the personality far outweighed the looks.

Bellatrix: I'm sorry when i look at her I see Morgan LaFey and no one else. I keep expecting to hear a lisp everytime she talks. No thank you!

James & Lilly: I agree that they look too old. And I thought james was supposed to be good looking as a teen? What happened there? (Although the Snape's worst memory scene was so ridiculously short i probably couldn't see clearly)

Daniel Radcliff as Harry: He was great as a kid but I think his acting has gotten worse over the years. It seems so forced! Most of the time I just want to slap him.

Rupert as Ron: Personally I think he's great! I love the expression he gets when he's supposed to look scared or incredulous.

Emma as Hermione: She did ok as a kid too, but in the last few movies (ESPECIALLY OotP) her acting's gone down the drain too. What's with the fast breathing and super speedy lines?

AS for the rest...Molly's great, Arthur's pretty good too. Fred and George are perfect, but I think by OotP they are looking a bit too old. Percy's pretty good also, But where were his glasses in Ootp? Tonks looked to masculine, Kingsley looked accurate though. I agree with someone else here who said Umbridge didn't look toadlike enough. I was disappointed about that too, she should have been fatter. Hagrid and McGonnagal are great though.
Well i think thats enough for now! :smileywink:
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Re: Casting

jftapia88 wrote:

jftapia88 wrote:
alan rickman= perfect
maggie smith= perfect
richard harris= perfect
garry oldman= horrible
micheal gambon= horrible
daniel radcliff= perfect
rupert grint= perfect
emma watson= great but not perfect

neville= great but not perfect
draco malfoy= perfect
crabbe & goyle= good but they mixed them up goyle is the short one not crabbe
hagrid= perfect
fleur= not great, but coulda been worse
krum= liked movie version better than book description
kakaroff= bad
madame maxime= not great
crouch= horrible
moody= horrible
filch= okay
seamus= pretty good
dean= okay
pavarti & padma patil= okay, coulda been better
fred & george= almost perfect, they need more time on screen

about all i can think of at the moment, i'll be back!

im going to finish up:

why i dislike...

garry oldman= 1.) he is not anything like sirius is described in the books, hes too ugly and too depressed looking 2.) he doesnt have the right personality, hes too serious, sirius is supposed to be nonchalant and joking 3.) his voice isnt right, it should be deeper, and he should have a trace of a growl or bark like the big black dog that he is(or becomes)

micheal gambon= 1.) he doesnt have the silver hair hes supposed to, his beard is in a ponytail? no where in the books does it mention crazy facial hair styles 2.) he has no accent, he sounds like hes from the states 3.) he has none of the warmth or humor that DD has, hes too cold and seems weak

emma watson= i liked her in the first two movies, the change of directors has ruined her acting, they have taken hermione from being a strong independent know it all to being a joke. examples= i cheered when i read the part where hermione smacks malfoy, when i saw it on screen it looked way too forced, and i expected it. in the book it was a surprise to see her do something so much like ron or harry, in the movie it wasnt---in GOF during moody's lesson why in the world is hermion nears tears when he sks her for the last curse? in the book she is a lil timid about it but still very eager to give the correct answer. and then im sorry to say it but shes too pretty to be hermione, at least in the books shes a plain girl until the ball then shes plain again, in the movies shes pretty all the time.

neville= hes not as clumsy or humble in the movies, and hes not round enough.

fleur= not pretty enough to be part veela, and her accent isnt right

krum= hes not quite how i imagined him for the better, cuz they guy they got to play him is pretty good looking, a big plus too, he makes watching the atrocious acting of gambon easier to get through.

madame maxime= its her physical appearance that doesnt work for me, she just looks really tall not big like hagrid

crouch= too weak

moody= too loud, doesnt have enough scars, he lacks the clawed foot, there shouldnt be a strap on his magical eye, hes not scarry enough

fred and george= i wish they had made fred and george more important characters in the movies, all their jokes are left out and ron is made to look like the class clown more than them. im kind of afraid to see what they do to their grand exit in ootp.

thats it for now, the rest of the problems i have with the movies arent casting related so i wont mention them here.

after seeing OOTP:

nothing much has changed about the above mentioned, except snape wasnt mean enough in the occlumency scenes and i dint feel to sorry for him when harry broke int o his memories.

luna= almost perfect, her voice was a little annoying, and she semed to much of an airhead, and not weird.
grawp= really cool, i liked him.
umbridge= almost, in the books i ahted her with a passion in the movies i she just got on my nerves
tonks= ummm, not too good, i cant say much cuz she was barley there, but i didnt like how she looked and they messed up her metemorphmagi, she doesnt change with her moods she does it at will
bellatrix= not pretty enough, but shes got the crazy part down packed.

as usually the other problems i have with the movie isnt casting related, so i wont mention them here.
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Re: Casting

Really??? Maybe he has a stigmatism... Harry's eye's are supposed to be hell of important in DH, I'm wondering what they'll do if they are...

Madelia wrote:

Proper-T wrote:

Harry- Perfect. Execept could some green contacts have killed some one?

I actually think that he is physically unable to wear contacts. Apparently, when Dan tried some green colored contacts, he said they were "excruciatingly painful".

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Re: Casting

Proper-T wrote:
Really??? Maybe he has a stigmatism... Harry's eye's are supposed to be hell of important in DH, I'm wondering what they'll do if they are...

Madelia wrote:

Proper-T wrote:

Harry- Perfect. Execept could some green contacts have killed some one?

I actually think that he is physically unable to wear contacts. Apparently, when Dan tried some green colored contacts, he said they were "excruciatingly painful".

well if he does have a stigmatism they make special contacts for ppl with them so thats not an excuse anymore. and if it is really important n he still cant wear them they can always go in and digitalize his eyes green like they did to ashton kutchers kabala bracelette thingy for guess who (i read somewhere they spent alot of money editing it out, but that could also just be arumor).
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Re: Casting

i just think that they casted looney luna or love?? whatever her name is, they got her just perfect.
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Re: Casting

Yeah, I have to say, the eyes and the voice for Luna were perfect (one of the few good things I can say about the movies), I do hope that we see her in HBP.

iheartbooks wrote:
i just think that they casted looney luna or love?? whatever her name is, they got her just perfect.

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Re: Is the character casting appropriate in the movies?

[ Edited ]
Ahhh, good...

E.W. as Hermione: Ick. I don't like her. Perfect in the first two movies, but now she's far too pretty (I know, it's horrible) and she DOESN'T have frizzy hair, which is a requirement in my book.

The guy who played Lupin was TERRIBLE. He had a horrible little mustache... He should have played Quirrel.

Alan Rickman as Snape was perfect! I loved him as Snape, although he isn't /quite/ as skinny as I imagine Snape to be.

Tom Felton does a decent Malfoy...

I LOVE the girl who played Pansy Parkinson in the third movie, even though she was really very pretty also. She was just so adorable!

Gary Oldman as Sirius Black was okay, too, but not quite like I imagined him. They could have done better.

Uncle Vernon = good

Aunt Petunia = okay

They cast Ron good, I think, and D.R. was okay in the first movies... But eh. He's not good now.

MocGonnagal = very very good. Just like I imagined her.

Dumbledore... The first Dumbledore looked the part, and he had some of the right attitude, but he needed to be more jolly. The new one... Ick. He's WAY too crazy, and doesn't look like Dumbledore in the slightest. And he yells and stuff, in a totally un-dumbledore-like way.

Krum = BAAAAAAAAAD. They made him a macho man instead of someone who was like a duck Dx

Fleur = Not pretty enough. I know it's mean, but her hair was messed up, and she didn't look old enough either. Fleur is supposed to be OMGSUPERBEJUTTIFULL and she was really plain.

I haven't seen the fifth movie yet, but I've heard that the girl who plays Luna is brilliant. All I have to say is she'd BETTER be.

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Re: Casting

LUNA LOVEGOOD: was PERFECT. At first I was startled by just how "dreamy" her voice sounded but upon re-reading it makes sense that it would be that way. I loved the way she spoke, in a way that you wouldn't take her seriously unless you actually considered the words coming from her mouth. My favorite was the scene in the forest when she's with the thestrals and Harry, and talking about Voldemort. Kind of embodied her whole character in that she says things that might make other people uncomfortable because they're simply the truth.
CEDRIC DIGGORY: I was pretty pleased with his portrayal, because even though he was a secondary character that we all knew was doomed from the start, you still left with a certain fondness for him. Cute, too.
NEVILLE LONGBOTTOM: Had the dorky, outcast vibe down to a t. Very impressed. Neville's actor (I can't for the life of me remember his name) seems to be a better all-around actor than the rest of them, in that he's far more subtle.
DRACO MALFOY: I loved the way his hostility carried to the big screen. Tom Felton seems to have a permanent sneer on his face throughout every movie, loved it.
CRABBE & GOYLE: ... why are they switched?
FRED & GEORGE WEASLEY: They couldn't have picked a better set of actors to play the twins, not only are they adorable but they play the Weasley twins perfectly. I just wish they had more screen time, since they are a large part of what keeps the books lighthearted and fun. I was also unimpressed with their grand exit in Order of the Phoenix... seemed rushed, and I missed the whole dialogue that occured in the book. And, hello? The twins triumphantly calling their brooms and lifting off into the air was one of the best parts of OOTP.

HARRY, RON & HERMOINE: To me, the actors playing the trio have BECOME the trio for me. They're not the greatest of actors (a lot of scenes, I've found, have seemed forced or entirely obvious, especially as they get older) but they're functional, and I think they've grown up splendidly via the movies. Daniel Radcliffe, too, IS Harry Potter, and as far as I've seen has adapted Harry's mounting angst in the films. From here on out he's playing The Boy Who Lived, yes, but he's also playing a surly teenager. I think he manages both quite nicely.

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Re: Casting

OK here it goes:

Dan Radcliffe: perfect in 1-4 but hair is 2 short in 5th. Also, his eyes are blue and Harry's are green.

Rupert: perfect

Emma: I thought that she was great because they never said she was ugly.

Evanna: AMAZING!!! The perfect LUNA!

Bonnie: I thought that she was a great Ginny. Ecspecially in CoS. I saw a recent pic of her w/ bangs. Wonder if she'll have bangs in HBP. That would be VERY different.

Matthew: I thought that nevile was perfect.


others: good
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Re: Casting

Good to see another Browncoat!!

My personal picks for Dumbledore would have run to either of the British actors from X-Men... my personal choice would have been Stewart... but the other actor(who's name illudes me) could have done a number of things that the other fellow could not-- the VOICE!!!
and of course, the stature of Dumbledore-- the presence.
Because both are busy, and probobly command a rather intense price tag... I understand the final choice. I don't have to like it.
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