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I love It!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love the half blood Prince if you have any Brines youll write here what you love the most! I love when they go into the cave!!!
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Re: I love It!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love when Ron and Lavender try to go into the empty classroom to "snogg" (I love that word) and Hermione is there and she leaves the classroom and she points her wand at Ron and birds appear above his head and start pecking him... Serves him right for snoggin with Lavender instead of Hermione
Mrs. Hermione Weasley
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Re: I love It!!!!!!!!!!!!

I loved the whole book really. The whole new plot, and rule breaking. Awesome. I really liked the Fred and George making the whole explosions and exiting the castle. I couldn't put the book down.
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Re: awesome book, movie SO cool

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I really loved the 6th and 5th books, they were spectacular and I agree, I could never put them down...
I was a tad bit disappointed because some of my fav scenes weren't in the 5th movie...

>The scene w/ the bread and the knife thing
>Cleaning out Number 12 Grimmauld Place
>Ron and Hermione receiving their prefect badges
>The boggart for Mrs. Weasley
>The letter from Percy to Ron
>Quidditch Matches (Luna had the big lion for the Gryffindors)
>The encounter with Neville at St. Mungo's
>Valentine's Day with Harry and Cho at Madam Puddifoot's
>The career advice
>Ron as Keeper
>The thing with the telephone booth (Harry Potter Rescue Mission)
>The different rooms in the Department of Mysteries
>The rooms in the Department of Mysteries moving around

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Amortentia !

In the HBP i liked somthing i noticed in chapter nine "The half-blood prince" .

when Harry had his first class in Potions with prof. Slughorn when he harry set next to a couldron that was emitting the most seductive scents he had ever inhaled ! he smelled something flowery he thought he might have smelled at the Burrow.

thats really fantastic thing when i knew that that couldron is containing love potion as hermione explained "that the steam of it supposed to smell diffrently to each of us according to what attracts us ".

when harry Ron , Hermione went out of the class having alittle chat about the potion book suddenly Harry caught that flowerly smell so he looked around and find Ginny had joined them.

that means Ginny attracted harry from the beginning !

in the Bloomsbury chat with J.K Rowling somebody asked her what Hermiones actually smelled in that moment that turned her slightly pink in the face ?

she smelled Ron's hair.

love that book :smileyhappy:
~ Robeena ~
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