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Blood Spells  is the fifth book in Jessica Andersen’s series The Novels of the Final Prophecy; and I think it’s one of the best. With lots of action, adventure, romance, vows taken and vows broken, rebuilding of relationships, blood oaths and blood spells, magic and mystery and of course the Mayan 2012 Doomsday prophecy, Blood Spells is an exciting and thrilling read. It’s also a story about a love that is broken and the journey to repair it.

The overarching theme of the Novels of the Final Prophecy is about the countdown to end of the world on December 12, 2012. The Nightkeepers’ mission is to make sure the world as we know it is still ‘the world as we know it’ come December 13, 2012, and not a world taken over by a force of evil the likes of which we cannot imagine. Each book in the series has several story lines that intertwine – there’s always the Nightkeepers trying to save the world, the unfolding of the mythology, there are usually secondary characters that we get to know more about, and of course there is the focus on the hero and heroine of each book. In Blood Spells Patience and Brandt are the protagonists; and their story is at once heart breaking, hopeful and finally, quietly joyful.

Brandt and Patience found each other, fell in love, married and had children long before they were called upon as active Nightkeepers.  They lived a suburban life and their lives were ‘normal’ and happy. Finding out that the Mayan Doomsday prophecy was real and that they had to spend several years fighting evil in hopes of saving the world changed all that. Now they were not only lovers, spouses, and parents, they had to learn to be warriors. The transition was hard to say the least, and wreaked havoc on their marriage. However things go from bad to worse when Brandt is called upon to become a pivotal force in saving the world as a Triad mage. Now all bets are off and secrets long held and hidden are revealed. They must find a way back to each other, a way to trust each other and to become equal partners if they are to save each other, their marriage, their sons and of course the world.  

Blood Spells is a rollercoaster ride from the first page. One of the things I love about this series, and is done especially well in this book, is the way Ms. Andersen creates a fictional world from Mayan mythology. She has the ability to weave a magical tale from fact, fiction and myth and make it great story telling. You readily become immersed in the world of the Nightkeepers and feel the immediacy of their missions, their hopes, fears as well as their tragedies and triumphs.  I’ve always said that her ability to write terrific three dimensional action scenes is amazing. What jumped out at me in this book (and which has me re-reading the previous books) is her ability to write vibrant scenes that involve ritual. The world of the Nightkeepers is all about ritual, rituals that involve magic, tradition, reverence, complicated emotions, and especially vivid images. We get to experience these rituals as her words bring past and present, earthly and magical, confusing and poignant images coalescing into a Technicolor movie playing with surround sound in our heads. In other words, they come alive! The story is revealed not only through the myth and ritual but especially through the characters. Each character is unique and yet part of a whole that make up a team of diverse people who are dependent on each other. The dynamics and tension of the distinctive personalities as they come into play with clever and ‘real’ dialogue makes each individual decidedly singular yet ‘more’ when they are part of the group.

The relationship between Brandt and Patience is a beautifully written multi-layered relationship, one in which you have to uncover the layers one by one to reveal the core. The romance in this book, as with the other novels in this series, is part and parcel of the larger story arc and in that way it becomes more interesting, dynamic and invested in the whole.  With two strong modern day warriors who have a mission to save the world as well as themselves their story is not only romantic but exhilarating.

So dear reader, until next Monday, remember there’s a book waiting to be read.

I’m curious, if you were fighting with your loved one and the end of the world was near, what would you do to make up with them?

by Moderator dhaupt on ‎11-24-2010 09:22 AM

Marisa, I agree with everything you said here. I was introduced to Jessica way back when the first novel in the series came out, she was offering a contest on AuthorBuzz and I won a signed copy of Nightkeepers and I've been a rabid fan ever since and you are so right when you say the last one was one of the best.


Hmm, what would I do if the world was coming to an end and I was fighting w/the hubs - well it all depended if I wanted him to survive the end of the world with me or be plunged into the abyss and let me start a fresh life with out the old ball and chain. :-)

Okay that was a joke, I would do what ever it took to make sure we were okay in the relationship dept. just in case the world didn't come back on line on 12-22-12.


Thanks for a great article and you and everyone have a great Thanksgiving




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