Ms. Brockmann has taken many issues we all face and put them in a tantalizing futuristic bent that gives them a richness that resonates. Although the future Ms. Brockmann gives us is pretty bleak, it’s still a Brockmann book and the heroes and heroines are going to do all they can to make sure good conquers evil. She does it with such exciting panache and style you can’t put this book down.

In Born to Darkness a privately funded research facility, the Obermeyer Institute, is seeking out and training special individuals who can access and integrate more than 10% of their brain function. With concentrated and unique training these highly sought after people can develop super human powers – some are telepathic, others can fly, there are some who are telekinetic, still others who are self healing and most have the ability to reverse or slow the aging process. These people are called Greater-Thans.


For those people who are Lesser-Thans or Fractions – you know, us regular people - there’s a new illegal drug on the market that can give them the same access to all that brain power – it’s called Destiny and is manufactured by The Organization. The Organization is a powerful corporate entity - but really they’re just pimps and drug dealers in Armani suits with powerful alliances in the government and loads of money.  Destiny is highly addictive, expensive and although it gives you super human powers and the possibility of living forever without the proper training it can kill you. Here’s the thing – The Organization is manufacturing Destiny by kidnapping pre-pubescent girls who naturally have this drug in their system.

Ms. Brockmann has set up a great good versus evil scenario: the white knights are the men and women of the Obermeyer Institute who use their power for the greater good versus the dark knights the men of The Orgnization whose methods are a walk into the underbelly of perversity.

As with all Brockmann books you get a weaving of several story lines that continuously overlap with a sizzling tension that keeps the pace rapid and thrilling. Michelle “Mac” Mackenzie, a Greater Than, and Shane Laughlin, a dishonorably discharged Navy SEAL, are the front running protagonists. However there are five other main characters whose story lines are equally riveting and interwoven throughout making this one more a concentrated team effort. Each story arc stands strong but is enhanced by the fluidity with which the different arcs flow back and forth making the overall book a thrill ride.  

With an exciting introduction to some pretty amazing characters who are just beginning to know what they can do and a villainous organization who’s evil knows no bounds Born to Darkness is a great start to a new series. For those of us who fell in love with Ms. Brockmann’s Trouble Shooter series – well now there’s not only a new group of characters to fall in love with but also an amazingly unique sometimes harsh but ever hopeful world to fall into.

by Moderator dhaupt on ‎04-21-2012 09:19 AM
I had the privilege to interview her for release day Marisa, but I still have to read the book and I'm dying to get my hands on a copy. She is one of my all time favorite authors and I especially love her Troubleshooters series, I also applaud her stance on gay rights and all of that was covered in the interview. Oh so many books, so little time thanks Marisa as always great article deb


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