However in romance, as in life, we don’t typically take the easy road. That is why Lady Beatrix and the Duke of Sunderland called it quits six years ago when Will received an offer to travel to Egypt to find Tutankhamen’s Tomb.  Beatrix had the chance to go with Will, but she couldn’t dream of leaving everything familiar to travel half way around the world to sleep in a tent and bathe in a tin basin in the middle of a dessert; and, Will had no desire to stay in England.  He didn’t quite appreciate the responsibilities of his position and wasn’t interested in accepting the obligations of his title. He was an archeologist and this dig was a once in a lifetime opportunity, so he left the woman he loved to pursue his dreams.  Choosing between living among their peers within the confines of stuffy English society and traipsing through the ruins a continent away is what called their wedding to halt. Beatrix was devastated, but after six long years of pining for a man who would chose ancient ruins over her, she found a way to move on and found another Duke to marry. In her mind she believed she’d finally found happiness, the life she always wanted, except this life would have no love or passion.  But what would that matter?  She would be married, have children, and be a proper Duchess.  All very English, all very upper crust. No chances taken, no love lost, and no romance.  And that suited her just fine, until Will came back from Egypt for a short visit.


Wedding of the Season is an historical romance with a twist; two hearts with two different directions. As a romance reader, I knew there could only be one outcome and I wasn’t sure how the author would get to it,  but in fact, the author handles it artfully, with a growth in the characters that is unexpected and rewarding. Ms. Guhrke has created a very lush reading experience.  There’s nothing cookie cutter about the Dukes and Duchesses on these pages.  Each has a unique personality that is vividly captured in exquisite dialogue and witty repartee.  There’s not a lot of long, wordy exposition describing in infinite detail the back story, instead you learn about each character and all that has happened in well crafted dialogue, and it made the reading experience that much more enjoyable.


So, yes, pick this one up – it’s one you’re sure to enjoy.

If your significant other had to relocate for work, would you pick yourself up and move to another city or country and leave behind everything you know?

Maria Lokken is an avid romance reader and an award winning television producer

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by Moderator dhaupt on ‎12-07-2010 04:06 PM

that was easy, yes :-)


by njoireading on ‎12-12-2010 06:27 PM

I have done that 7 times, sometimes after just settling in.  Fortunately I have been able to find work and fit in most places and make friends.  We have been in the same place for over 12 years now, but a move was on the horizon after a downsizing.  I decided this time I wasn't going to move immediately due to my job and a teenage in high school.  We would have worked it out but eventually I would have gone.  It's just something one does. 


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